Naruto Shippuuden: Narutimate Accel 2


  • Prequel bonuses

    Start Story mode with a saved game file from the original Naruto Shippuuden: Narutimate Accel to get 100,000 yen. Have a saved game file from Narutimate Hero 3 to unlock the characters from Narutimate Hero 3 and 100,000 yen.

  • Bonus characters

    Successfully complete the indicated task in Story mode to unlock the corresponding character:

      Chiyo: Meet her in Master (Story) mode.
      Chiyo with Puppets: Defeat Sasori True Form in Master (Story) mode with Chiyo.
      Deidara: Defeat Deidara in Master (Story) mode.
      Itachi: Defeat Itachi in Master (Story) mode.
      Kabuto: Defeat Kabuto in Master (Story) mode.
      Kisame: Defeat Kisame in Master (Story) mode.
      Orochimaru: Defeat Orochimaru in Master (Story) mode.
      Sai: Defeat Sai in Master (Story) mode.
      Sasori Hiruko: Defeat Sasori Hiruko in Master (Story) mode.
      Sasori True Form: Defeat Sasori True Form in Master (Story) mode.
      Sasuke: Defeat Sasuke in Master (Story) mode.
      TS Sasuke: Defeat him in Master (Story) mode.
      TS Kiba, TS Hinata, TS Shino, TS Ino, and TS Choji: Successfully complete the story line in which Naruto reunites with them.
      Yamato: Defeat Sai in Master (Story) mode.

    To unlock the support characters in Vs. mode, defeat the characters in Story mode that turn into a wooden dummy when beaten.

  • Alternate character forms

    Successfully complete Master (Story) mode. Enter Vs. mode, then press R1 to select the alternate form for a character that has been previously unlocked. Note: Not all character's have alternate forms.

  • Narutimate mode

    Successfully complete all Gai's challenges in the Training Grounds to unlock the Narutimate difficulty.

  • Sasuke RPG mode

    Successfully complete Master (Story) mode and all side quests. Go to the room where you first defeated Sasuke, and access the blue aura found there.

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