NCAA Football 06



  • All Impact Players "In The Zone"

    Enter "ZoneOut" as a user profile name, then select Practice mode. After the first play, all Impact Players will be "In The Zone". -From:

  • Hidden pictures in dorm

    While in Race For The Heisman mode in Year 1, go to the computer area. While the computer is highlighted, press Down and a "Picture" caption will appear. Press X to see a picture of a girl. While in Race For The Heisman mode in Year 2, go to the schedule area. While the schedule is highlighted, press Down and a "Picture" caption will appear. Press X to see a picture of a girl. While in Race For The Heisman mode in Year 4, go to the schedule area. While the schedule is highlighted, press Down and a "Picture" caption will appear. Press X to see a picture of your girlfriend.

  • Easier passes

    To pass easier, hold R2 as your team is walking to the line of scrimmage; this will display the routes your wide outs will be running. Find the opposing teams safeties and look to see where they will be running. If there is a route ran to one of them, they will crash on that player. The other safety will find another player to guard -- this means a wide out or tightend will be on 1-1 coverage. It will make the game easier to pass. Just look to see where you think the safeties will run.

  • Easier interceptions

    When the CPU passes the ball, press Circle to control your cornerback. Then, press Triangle to put his hands up. If done too early, you will get burned -- hope your safeties are there for the tackle. If done too late, you will tip the ball away. Time correctly for the interception. It is a high risk-reward procedure.

  • Easy defensive hurries/sacks

    To get a hurry on a QB and have a good chance for an interception, move your line out (L1 + Up), then press L1, R3 to make them rush inside. If you have good ends they will get a sack or rush the QB.

  • Easy CPU

    Go to the settings and select "A.I.". Move the meters for human all the way up and press R1 for additional meters. Then, press R2 to move the CPU's meters up and down. For additional meters for the CPU, press R1.

  • Calling good defensive formations against CPU

    When the play calling screen appears while on defense, look at the CPU's section of the screen. It will read 3 WR 1TE 1RB (or something similar). Pick your defense accordingly. If it reads 2WR 1TE 2RB, try a 5-2 defense. If it reads 3WR 1TE 1RB, play a nickel package. If it reads 4WR 0TE 1RB, play a dime. Try various defense formations to make sure all the wide receivers are covered and you can potentially stop a run (if the CPU calls a run). You will win many more games by doing this.

  • Countering the CPU

    While on defense, press R2 to see your defense. If you are in man-to-man and the CPU is doing a HB or WR pass trick play, one of your man-to-man arrows will be pointing to the QB.

  • Great created player

    To create a great player without the risk of him joining another team, when creating him make him a punter from your home state. Raise all desired stats to the maximum, but move his kick power and accuracy to the minimum of 40. No team will want him, making it very easy for you to recruit him. When you do, change his position to HB, QB, CB, or anything else desired except for a punter or kicker.

  • Race For The Heisman mode

    When the drill starts in summer camp, hold Turbo (X) and start running. Start running to the left, but make sure you do not go too far to the left near the red pads. You will start to see the linebacker running for you, but do not get alarmed. When you get almost parallel or directly next to your blocker, juke to the right using the Right Analog-stick. You will have an easy run to the endzone. Do this to the left two times in a row, then go one time to the right. Then, go back to the left when you start two times in a row. Go left twice, right one, left twice, right once, etc. Make sure you are closer than you think you should be to your blocker when you juke. If the linebacker for some reason starts to tackle you but you are still on your feet, repeatedly tap Sprint (X) as fast as possible to break the tackle. Follow these steps to get eight to ten touchdowns.

    Get your player into the top five candidates by the time you get to your bowl game. Before the ceremony starts, save the game. Once you are done, go into the ceremony. If you do not win, turn off the game as soon as the Heisman winner gets his trophy. Restart the game and go back to Race For The Heisman mode. Do the ceremony again. You can keep doing this until you win.

    To get noticed by the top colleges in Race For The Heisman mode, choose a position like QB or RB and do well in spring training.

  • Use Cheat Pennants while using more than one player

    Start the game, then go to "Campus Challenge". Select the pennant(s) you wish to use during the game, then exit back. Go into "Settings", then "Control Settings". The other player(s) can now choose to be on your team or the opposing team. An error message stating that Campus Challenge is now disabled and nothing can be enabled will appear. After this, there will be a message stating that it will take effect after the following play. Once the next play is finished, the players will be recognized and the pennants will still be in effect, even though the game said they will not be.

  • Cheat mode

    At the Pennant Collection screen, press Select, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    1st and 15 pennant; opponent gains 15 yards for first downTHANKS
    2003 All-Americans pennantFUMBLE
    Baylor ratings boostSIC EM
    Blink pennant; ref spots ball short for opponentFOR
    Boing pennant; opponent drops passes moreREGISTERING
    Crossed The Line pennantTIBURON
    Cuffed pennantEA SPORTS
    Extra Credit pennantTOUCHDOWN
    Free Play pennant; five downsIMPACT
    Get points when your player is injured (#211)HEISMAN
    Improves catching ability for one game (#208)IN THE ZONE
    Increase chance to break tackles for one game (#213) BREAK FREE
    Increase DBs chance of jamming receiver at line of scrimmage (#227) DEFENSE
    Increase opponent's fatigue for one game (#212) GAME TIME
    Increase opponent's fumbles for one game (#205)WITH EA
    Increase pass rushTURNOVER
    Increase wind in your direction on field goal attempts (#229)SIDELINE
    Jumbalaya pennantHIKE
    Illinois ratings boostOSKEE WOW
    Molasses modeHOME FIELD
    Nike Magnigrip Gloves; increases chances of pass interceptionHAND PICKED
    Nike Pro Apparel; improves your quarterback's passing accuracy for one gameNO SWEAT
    Nike Speed TD Shoes; increases your receivers chances of burning the coverage deepLIGHT SPEED
    Quarterback Dud pennantELITE 11
    Quarterback impossible to sack (#226)OFFENSE
    Stiffed pennantNCAA
    Take Your Time pennantFOOTBALL
    Texas Tech ratings boostFIGHT
    Thread The Needle pennant2006
    What A Hit pennantBLITZ
    Alabama All-time teamROLL TIDE
    Arizona mascot teamBEAR DOWN
    Arkansas All-time teamWOOPIGSOOIE
    Auburn All-time teamWAR EAGLE
    Badgers All-time teamU RAH RAH
    Clemson All-time teamDEATH VALLEY
    Colorado All-time teamGLORY
    Florida All-time teamGREAT TO BE
    Florida State All-time teamUPRISING
    Georgia All-time teamHUNKER DOWN
    Georgia Tech mascot teamRAMBLINWRECK
    Iowa All-time teamON IOWA
    Iowa State mascot teamRED AND GOLD
    Kansas mascot teamROCK CHALK
    Kansas State All-time teamVICTORY
    Kentucky mascot teamON ON UK
    LSU All-time teamGEAUX TIGERS
    Miami All-time teamRAISING CANE
    Michigan All-time teamGO BLUE
    Michigan State mascot teamGO GREEN
    Minnesota mascot teamRAH RAH RAH
    Mississippi State All-time teamHAIL STATE
    Mizzouri All-time teamMIZZOU RAH
    Nebraska All-time teamGO BIG RED
    North Carolina All-time teamRAH RAH
    North Carolina State mascot teamGO PACK
    Notre Dame All-time teamGOLDEN DOMER
    NU mascot teamGO CATS
    Ohio State All-time teamKILLER NUTS
    Oklahoma All-time teamBOOMER
    Oklahoma State All-time teamGO POKES
    Ole Miss Mascot teamHOTTY TOTTY
    Oregon All-time teamQUACK ATTACK
    Penn State All-time teamWE ARE
    Pittsburgh All-time teamLETS GO PITT
    Purdue All-time teamBOILER UP
    South Carolina mascot teamGO CAROLINA
    Syracuse All-time teamORANGE CRUSH
    Tennessee All-time teamBIG ORANGE
    Texas A&M All-time team GIG EM
    Texas Longhorns All-time teamHOOK EM
    UCLA All-time teamMIGHTY
    USC All-time teamFIGHT ON
    Virginia All-time teamWAHOOS
    Virginia Tech All-time teamTECH TRIUMPH
    Wake Forest mascot teamGO DEACS GO
    Washington All-time teamBOW DOWN
    Washington Sate mascot teamALL HAIL
    West Virginia mascot teamHAIL WV

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