NCAA Football 09


  • Cheat mode

    At the Pennant Collection screen, press Select, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    1st and 15 pennant; opponent gains 15 yards for first downTHANKS
    Extra Credit pennant; 4 point interceptions, 3 point sacksTOUCHDOWN
    Super Dive pennantUPSET
    2004 All-American teamFUMBLE
    Alabama All-time teamROLL TIDE
    Arizona mascot teamBEAR DOWN
    Arkansas All-time teamWOOPIGSOOIE
    Auburn All-time teamWAR EAGLE
    Baylor All-time teamSIC EM
    Clemson All-time teamDEATH VALLEY
    Colorado All-time teamGLORY
    Florida All-time teamGREAT TO BE
    Florida State All-time teamUPRISING
    Georgia All-time teamHUNKER DOWN
    Georgia Tech mascot teamRAMBLINWRECK
    Illinois All-time teamOSKEE WOW
    Iowa All-time teamON IOWA
    Iowa State mascot teamRED AND GOLD
    Kansas mascot teamROCK CHALK
    Kansas State All-time teamVICTORY
    Kentucky mascot teamON ON UK
    LSU All-time teamGEAUX TIGERS
    Miami All-time teamRAISING CANE
    Michigan All-time teamGO BLUE
    Michigan State mascot teamGO GREEN
    Minnesota mascot teamRAH RAH RAH
    Mississippi State All-time teamHAIL STATE
    Missouri All-time teamMIZZOU RAH
    Nebraska All-time teamGO BIG RED
    North Carolina All-time teamRAH RAH
    North Carolina State mascot teamGO PACK
    Notre Dame All-time teamGOLDEN DOMER
    Northwestern mascot teamGO CATS
    Ohio State All-time teamKILLER NUTS
    Oklahoma All-time teamBOOMER
    Oklahoma State All-time teamGO POKES
    Ole Miss mascot teamHOTTY TOTTY
    Oregon All-time teamQUACK ATTACK
    Penn State All-time teamWE ARE
    Pittsburgh All-time teamLETS GO PITT
    Purdue All-time teamBOILER UP
    South Carolina mascot teamGO CAROLINA
    Syracuse All-time teamORANGE CRUSH
    Tennessee All-time teamBIG ORANGE
    Texas A&M All-time team GIG EM
    Texas Longhorns All-time teamHOOK EM
    Texas Tech All-time teamFIGHT
    UCLA All-time teamMIGHTY
    USC All-time teamFIGHT ON
    Virginia All-time teamWAHOOS
    Virginia Tech All-time teamTECH TRIUMPH
    Wake Forest mascot teamGO DEACS GO
    Washington All-time teamBOW DOWN
    Washington Sate mascot teamALL HAIL
    West Virginia mascot teamHAIL WV
    Wisconsin All-time teamU RAH RAH

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