NHRA Championship Drag Racing


  • Bonus drivers

    Win a season to unlock a bonus driver.

  • Recommended settings

    The following settings will make your vehicle very fast on any track and in any weather conditions. It will also make it possible to set world records on a fast track. It is possible to set a world record of 6.48 seconds.

    Spring and clutch

      Primary weight: 116.0 g
      Secondary Weight: 200.00 g
      Anti squat: 140lbs


      Spark: 27.9degrees
      Compression Ratio: 15.35:1

    Gear box

      Launch Revs: 8000 rpm
      Gear 1: 2.782:1/8550 rpm
      Gear 2: 1.990:1/8900 rpm
      Gear 3: 1.570:1/9300 rpm
      Gear 4: 1.250:1/9500 rpm
      Gear 5: 1.000:1/


      Tire Pressure: 4.8 psi


      Front Ballast: 0 lbs

    Wing and wheelie bar

      Rear Wing Height: 0.1 in.
      Wheelie Bar Height: 1.00 in.

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