Ratchet And Clank: Up Your Arsenal

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Play as Dan

    Connect online with the game. Press X at the select login username screen. Select the "Edit Profile" option. Then, hold L2 and press Left(4), Up, Right, Up, Left.

  • Play as Nefarious

    Connect online with the game. Press X at the select login username screen. Select the "Edit Profile" option. Then, hold L2 and press Up(3), Left, Right, Up, Left, Up.

  • Play as Old School Ratchet

    Have a saved game from Ratchet And Clank on your memory card to have the Old School Ratchet skin available at the Phoenix Starship weapon vendor.

  • Squat count

    At the main menu, highlight the "Stats" option, then press Up, Down, Left, Right, Square. The number of times you have squatted on an opponent in multi-player mode will now appear on the stats screen.

  • Double bladed laser sword

    Pause the game and press Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Up, Down, Left(2). The wrench will be replaced with a double bladed laser.

  • Alternate Quark costume

    Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Circle(2), Square in any Quark Vid-Comic. Alternately, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Circle, Square(2) in any Quark Vid-Comic.

  • Bonus weapons

    Have a saved game from Ratchet And Clank: Going Commando on your memory card to have the Lava Gun, Bouncer, Holoshield, and other weapons available to purchase. Additionally, successfully complete the game to get Mega versions of the weapons currently in your inventory from any vendor. The RY3NO will also be available from the first vendor on Planet Florana. Additionally, have a saved game file from Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando on your memory card, then go to Slim Cognitos for free weapons.

  • Weapon discount

    Have a completed saved game from Ratchet And Clank on your memory card. Go to any vendor (Slim Cognitos, Phoenix Ship, etc.), then go to Gadgetron Employee discount. You will then receive a 10% discount on each weapon.

  • Sly 2: Band Of Thieves demo

    At the title screen, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2.

  • Insomniac Museum

    Go to the teleport pad in Metrapolis between 3:00 a.m and 3:59 a.m., or at any time if all trophies are collected. Use it to reach the Insomniac Museum. The museum contains various pictures, concept art, comics, design concepts, and more. Note: Set the system time on the PlayStation 2 to 3:00 a.m. to do this easily.

  • Ninjas and Pirates mini-game

    When you play the Qwark Vid Game, instead of selecting a game, press Square and enter "_MEGHAN_" as a password. Note: "_" indicates a space. Press Start and you will be transported to the Insomniac Museum where you can play a two player game featuring ninjas and pirates.

  • Bomb mini-game

    When you play the Qwark Vid Game, instead of selecting a game, press Square and enter "YING_TZU" as a password. Note: "_" indicates a space. Press Start and you will be transported to the Insomniac Museum where you can play a four player game. The four players are at the four corners of a square room, with pillars in it. You go around and drop bombs trying to kill everyone.

  • Sketchbook

    Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Sketchbook" option at the "Cinematics" menu. Press L1 or R1 to move through the pictures.

  • Challenge mode

    Successfully complete the game to unlock challenge mode. The further you get in challenge mode, the more random things will be unlocked.

  • Infinite Inferno Armor

    When you get the Inferno Power Boost, pause the game and go to "Skins", then select "Current Armor". You will then have that armor on you without it disappearing after the time runs out. Note: The armor will not be flaming. If you turn of the power when you are done playing, the armor will be gone. The best place to find the armor boost is in Annihation Nation.

  • Refill health

    If you are low on health, find an area where the opponent cannot hit you with their weapons. Make sure that they are nearby (for example, on top of a pillar). Using the Holo Shield Glove (version 5), shoot out some barriers. The Shield Barriers will suck health from enemies and give them to you. This is very helpful in tight situations.

  • Refill health and ammunition

    Start any challenge, then immediately quit.

  • Map O Matic

    Successfully complete every Galactic Ranger level to get a Trophy and a Map O Matic. The new and improved Map O Matic shows the locations of Crystals, Gadgetrons, and secrets.

  • Mega weapons in Challenge mode

    When you land on Florana, enter the vendor. You can now purchase "Mega" versions of weapons you upgraded to level 5. These "Mega" weapons are at level 6 and can be upgraded to level 8, at which time it becomes an "Omega" weapon.

  • RY3NO in Challenge mode

    After you land on Florana, you can purchase the the RY3NO. This weapon can be upgraded to level 5. However, there is no "Mega" version of this weapon.

  • Infernux Armor in Challenge mode

    Once you arrive on the Starship Phoenix, enter the armor vendor. You can purchase the Infernux Armor for 2,000,000 Bolts. This armor reduces damage by 80% This is very useful, as the enemies are much stronger now. This will also give you a Stat Point.

  • Increase Nanotech in Challenge mode

    You can now increase your Nanotech to 200. This is not as useful as it sounds, as many enemies can reduce your Nanotech by at least 50 with one hit, even while wearing the Infernux Armor.

  • Easy weapon upgrade in Challenge mode

    Use the following trick to bring your weapons up to level 5 so you can purchase the "Mega" versions. As soon as challenge mode begins, you will land on Veldin. Press Start and go to the Weapons menu. Select any weapon you have that is not level 5. Continue to play through Veldin, killing every enemy you can with this weapon. The experience of the weapon will rise faster than usual. This is because your enemies are stronger and your weapons are considered level 1 at this point. When you reach the dropship, jump off into the canyon. You will die and reappear at the start of the level, and all the enemies will have respawned. Continue this process as many times as desired to reach level 5. The Plasma Coil and Bouncer are the most difficult to upgrade this way; board the dropship and continue the game normally. Those two weapons are easily upgraded once you reach Annihilation Nation.

  • Titanium Bolts in Annihaltion Nation

    In a Gauntlet challenge, after you cross the floating platforms with the green lasers, climb the first ledge and do a high jump. You should grab on the ledge. Pull yourself up and collect the Titanium Bolt. Additionally, in a challenge with the name cremation in it, after you get a destination from the second direction-choosing booth (where you step on a switch and an arrow points and opens a door), eliminate the enemies. Then, climb on the platform that the laser-wielding enemies were standing on. Use this to jump to the platform with the Titanium Bolt.

  • Titanium Bolts in Holostar Studios

    Return after you have obtained the Gravity Boots. Climb up the path only accessible with the boots next to your ship. After you fight through the waves of Thyrranoids and get to a room with a straight and long Gravity Boot accessible shaft facing vertically, climb up it. Avoid the waves of falling Tyrranoids by moving in a diagonal pattern up the shaft. When you reach the top, get the bolt, then take the teleporter back to your ship. Additionally, when playing as Ratchet, after you reach the room that is accessed by a Hacker challenge locked elevator, defeat the enemies. Then, go to the other end of the room and turn around. In the left set of bleachers is a Titanium Bolt.

  • Titanium Bolt in Planet Aquatos

    Return to the beginning of the level after you have received the Hacker. In the first or second multi-door hallway (if you hit the first ocean opening, you have gone too far), use the Hacker to open the door. Ride the elevator to the Titanium Bolt room.

  • Easy experience in Quark's Hideout

    Go to the part where you find Quark. Take a weak weapon and kill all the robots. Leave the level and keep coming back to get max leveled weapons.

  • Titanium Bolt in Starship Phoenix

    Successfully complete the "Nerves Of Titanium" challenge.

  • Easy weapon upgrades

    If you have weapons that have not been upgraded at all, you can easily upgrade them by going to worlds with harder enemies. Use the weapons on them, and do not care about getting killed. Repeat this, and you can get upgraded weapons easier.

  • Easy Bolts

    At the command center where you have to destroy the Bioblitorater, at the beginning of the level you will see lots of tables, chairs, and umbrellas. When you see them, use your jump attack (Jump + Circle) and everything will break. You will get about 5,000 Bolts. You can do this many times, as the objects all reappear when you die. There are also other areas in the level where you can do this.

    To do this, you must have the Flux/Splitter to at least version 3 and the "Scorpio" (or "Naptime") challenge. Go to Annihilation Nation and enter the Deathcourse. Choose "Scorpio" (or "Naptime"). Once the challenge starts, equip the Flux/Splitter rifle and enter sniper mode (L1), but do not zoom in. Then, press Circle to fire until Scorpio dies. Do this until you have the desired amount of Bolts.

    If you are far in the game and need Bolts, go to Planet Kornos. If you have the Bolt Grabber, go though the stage smashing the ground around the buildings of glass.

  • Easy Crystals

    When you are in the Sewer, you can climb up to an area using Gravity Boots. This area is a metal slide, and cannot be entered without Gravity Boots. You will then be at a new area of pipes, where there are more Crystals. Additionally, an easy way to get the crystals in the sewers is by using the Quack-O-Ray to kill the enemies.

  • Skill points

    In Search For Sunken Treasure, blow up 40 underwater crates on Aquatos.

  • Fall forever

    Jump on a piece of scenery that is in a corner or other area where you cannot get off. The game will keep you suspended there, falling forever.

  • Freeze game

    During the battle with Dr. Nefarious while he is floating in his bubble, rangers will show up. Before going to the second circular area and on the bridge, take out the Flux Rifle and scope Nefarious. Shoot and the game will freeze.

  • Defeating Bosses

    As soon as the mini-Boss or Boss battle starts, throw a number of Megaturret Gloves, which will deploy into little machine-gun turrets (upgraded to rocket launchers). If you have six to seven turrets simultaneously shooting, you will defeat the Boss easily. The turrets are also very helpful in the many arena battles.

  • Defeating Bioblitorator

    First, climb into the hover plane and shoot the Bioblitorator. It will shoot rockets at you. If your ship explodes, you will drop to a turbo slider. Take the right bridge to another hover plane to continue shoting him. Note: Take the left bridge the second time and Quark sometimes will get in the way.

  • Defeating Courtney Gears

    Once the battle starts, take out the N60 Storm/N90 Hurricane and kill her backup dancers. Eventually, she will appear in a go-go cage around the stage. Shoot her while dodging the laser things until more backup dancers appear. When Ratchet depletes two thirds of her health, she will step onto the stage and attack you as she did before, only doing the same attack as the backup dancers in addition. Shoot her, avoiding everything she tosses at you and you will win.

  • Defeating Giant Klunk

    Have the Annihilator/Decimator to at least version 4 and blast away at Giant Klunk. If he actually gets the time to attack, it will be with an energy bomb. Just avoid it and the shockwaves and continue firing until you kill him.

  • Defeating large swamp worm

    When on Planet Florana, you will encounter a large swamp worm. To defeat it easily, you need the Plasma Whip. Equip the whip and face the worm. Just as he moves his head back to strike, attack him. He will then attempt to attack you again. Repeat the move until the worm is dead.

  • Defeating Nefarious

    The recommended arsenal to do this is the Multi Blade Gun, Decimator, Spitting Hydra Rift Ripper, Mini Turret Glove, Max Nanotech, Gagatron PDA, and 200,000 Bolts. In the first round, shoot Nefarios with the Multi-Blade Gun until one quarter of his health is gone. If you run out of ammunition, use the PDA to buy more. In the second round, start by using the Decimator to defeat the two giant Ninja robots. Then, take out the robot troops. Nefarious will shoot a bad magic ray at you. Get under his forcefield bubble and he will begin flying away. Chase him and defeat the other giant ninja robots and troops. You will then reach a circular platform. Nefarious will shoot bad magic rockets, and there will be targets on the ground. Get under him. He will deactivate the bubble and drop down. Repeat shooting him with the Decimator and the Multi-Blade Gun. Repeat this until he is defeated. Note: Four ranger robots will appear before the circular platform to help destroy the rest of the troopers.

  • Defeating Quark

    Take out the N60 Storm and fire. When he throws his boomerang, move along with it (in a circular motion). After one quarter of his life is gone, tribesmen will appear. Kill them and continue firing until he is knocked out.

  • Defeating Snow Dan

    To get to the Snow Dan, go to Quark's Hideout. Find the laser "turret" that spins 360 degrees. On the right there is another wall. Wall jump up that wall. Up at the top is a "Snow Dan" or snow man. Kill it, and you will get a skill point.

  • Defeating The Momma Tyrranoid

    Get the N60/N90 and fire away, dodging her swipes. When she latches onto the ceiling, dodge the lasers and shoot the turret. After half of her health gone, she will shoot missiles onto the ground. The fight will go into her point of view. Take out the Plasma/Quantum Whip and run for your life. When you reach an alcove, jump into it and kill any noids that attack you. When you exit the alcove, repeat the same process and blast her with the N60. The turret on her back will now launch missiles now -- be careful.

  • Cheat options

    The following cheat options are unlocked at the indicated skill point level:

      Big Head Ratchet and Clank: 5 skill points
      Time Freeze: 10 skill points
      Secret Agent Clank: 15 skill points
      Big Head A.I.: 20 skill points
      Ships to Ducks: 25 skill points
      Mirror Worlds: 30 skill points

  • Bonus skins

    The following skins can be used in single player mode:

      Brainius: 6 Titanium Bolts
      Bugnoid: 6 Titanium Bolts
      Constructobot: 6 Titanium Bolts
      Robo: 5 Titanium Bolts
      Robo Rooster: 6 Titanium Bolts
      Snowman Skin: 6 Titanium bolts
      Trooper: 5 Titanium Bolts
      Tuxedo Ratchet: 6 Titanium Bolts

  • Trophies

      Annihilation Nation: Win all challenges in the Annihilation Nation.
      Friends Of The Rangers: Successfully complete all the Ranger Battle missions.
      Nano Finder: Get 200 Nanotech in challenge mode.
      Omega Arsenal: Upgrade all weapons to their Omega versions.
      Skill Master: Get all 30 Skill Points.
      Titanium Collector: Collect all the Titanium Bolts.

  • Weapon upgrades

    Every weapon in the game changes its name when you upgrade it to level 5:

      Agents of Doom: Agents of Dread
      Annihilator: Decimator
      Bouncer: Heavy Bouncer
      Disc Blade Gun: Multi-Disc Gun
      Flux Rifle: Splitter Rifle
      Holo Shield Glove: Ultrashield Launcher
      Infector: Infecto-Bomb
      Lava Gun: Liquid Nitrogen Gun
      Miniturret Glove: Megaturret Glove
      N60 Storm: N90 Hurricane
      Nitro Launcher: Nitro Eruptor
      Plasma Coil: Plasma Storm
      Plasma Whip: Quantum Whip
      Quack-o-Ray: Quack-o-Blitzer
      Rift Inducer: Rift Ripper
      RY3NO: Rynocerator
      Shield Charger: Tesla Barrier
      Shock Blaster: Shock Cannon
      Spitting Hydra: Tempest
      Suck Cannon: Vortex Cannon

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