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This is also where some faults of the controls come into play. Conventional games of the past that use the swinging mechanic relied on the player pressing an additional button after they jumped to latch onto the grapple point. Here, not so much. You will have to rely on your instincts and hopes that Wildvine will latch on and swing himself, because there is no additional control to ensure your success. Unfortunately, the problems don't stop there.

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While small in comparison, the combat system claims to have several combos for you to learn and develop your heroes with, but quickly you discover there is no point in learning the combos as you will rely on your fastest thumb to defeat enemies more often than not. Ben 10: Protector of Earth does try to liven up the combat system with context sensitive events, akin to God of War when facing bosses. Unfortunately, this once exemplary combat system has become stale and uneventful over time. The two-player co-op doesn't really bring anything revolutionary to the table either. It is just you and a friend battling it out the same way you would do it by yourself. Unless you have a friend dying to play it alongside you, just might just want to play it through on your own.

The in-game graphics were really nice as far as the character models go. Nothing completely over the top and they fit the show rather nicely. Having said that, the cutscenes really hinder the visual of the game, it's almost like cel-shading but not quite as captivating. The character visuals will make you wish they had used footage from the show to fill in those cutscene gaps, whether it had anything to do with the plot of the game or not. The backgrounds are matted and bland for the most part, but they do their job for providing the backdrop rather well. Even the rain effects in one of the stages is handled nicely.


The voice acting here is probably the major star of the game. With the cast from the show providing the voices, it is easy at times to forget you are playing a game. While the voice acting is good, including the little quips by Ben and the rest, sometimes they do get repetitive and could potentially cause you to turn the volume down. The score for the game resembles that of the show almost to a T so there are really no complaints in that area either.

Simply put, Ben 10: Protector of Earth may not be the shining example of what we would like to see from a Ben 10 game, but I can see where they would have liked to go. It is because of that imagining that I can say this is a valid attempt. If you are a younger viewer of Ben 10, then this could please you for a few hours. On the other side of that, if you are viewing it from an older perspective, you might want to pass this one up and hope they deliver another installment that will allow you to become any and all of the variations of Ben Tennyson and his Omnitrix.

By Matthew Walker
CCC Project Coordinator


  • Venture to 14 different levels across the USA and unlock 4 special challenge locations.
  • 2 player co-op modes pits both players against the game or gamers can battle solo!
  • Bursting with combat; over 80 combo moves modeled after a God-of-War format.
  • Unlock and upgrade up to 5 alien favorites from the TV program throughout the game.

    The cutscenes hurt this game more than help. The darkened lines and over the top rounding of the characters stick out more than the in game graphics that are decent.
    Simplistic by nature, but still occasionally falls short on precision.
    Music / Sound FX / Voice Acting
    The music get extremely repetitive, but having the shows voice cast helps tremendously.
    Play Value
    Nothing to really write home about with the pseudo 2D side scrolling and weak combat system.
    Overall Rating - Average
    Not an average. See Rating legend above for a final score breakdown.
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