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Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers Review

By: John Doe

Well, I've had the PS2 for a couple of months now, and for some reason, I'm looking forward to playing Donald Duck. You tell ME what's wrong with this picture. Either I've lost the ability to choose my games wisely, or the PS2 just isn't offering a great selection of games at this point. Let me say this though, Donald Duck isn't a bad game at all. It lacks originality, and plays like a next gen Crash Bandicoot, but it will whittle away the hours waiting for the other games to show up.


As Donald, you'll stomp, jump and "go quackers" through varying levels that either go into the screen, scroll or have you running towards the screen on your quest to save Daisy Duck. It's always something, isn't it? Once you get past the derivative gameplay, you'll find that it's most enjoyable and at least it provides the only platforming experience on the PS2. Although the game is on all of the other systems, those who own the PS2 and don't necessarily like platform games, will probably hunt this one down. For no other reason than to have another good looking game on their shiny new system

The animation and graphics in Donald Duck are excellent. The levels are filled with detail and color, while Donald is constantly moving about and keeping you entertained in some way or another. The control is really tight, especially the jumping, which makes the game so much easier to play. Later on in the game, you will be challenged with a plethora of jumps to pull off and you'll be glad that the developers tightened the reigns on the control.

If borrowing the entire games play mechanics from Crash wasn't enough, the music has also been lifted. Expect to hear a lot of bongo-esque type rhythms and other Crash inspired background tunes. The sound effects and voices are well done, and you will hear Donald spout off a lot during the adventure. As you might guess, the sound bytes tend to get a little repetitive if you've been playing for awhile.

Donald Duck provides a decent challenge, but for those who take their platforming seriously, it's pretty easy to get through. The replayability isn't quite there, which leaves you with a good-looking game with no real reason to play again once you've finished it. However, if you own a PS2, you are probably checking out this title, because that's exactly what it is; a new PS2 title and a platform one at that! You could do much worse than DD:GQ. My advice, if you are an older gamer, rent it. If you are thinking about it for your children; buy it.






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