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Madden NFL 2001 Review

By: John Doe

Me Canadian. Me watch CFL. Me LOVE CFL. Me lie. Hey this is like déjà vu. Anyway, I've often wondered - and in the pages of this website no less - why Madden's football games have never bothered to feature any Canadian football teams as hidden teams? I mean, no one is rushing out to license a CFL game, except this one guy who told me he was making a CFL game, and when I told him to send me a copy to review, he dropped off the face of the earth. His game looked good too; in a 16-bit kind of good, but I only saw screenshots. Anyway, give the CFL teams a few beers in exchange for their properties and lets go. Sure Canadian football is much tougher and more exciting than NFL...4 downs...GMAFB, but I'd be willing to play NFL rules as long as I could play as the Rough Riders (but which Rough Riders…Canadians are so smart and creative that they have two football teams named the same. And we wonder why people laugh at us. At least we can fill out a vote ballot properly, dummies!)


It's that time of year again! All the game companies are releasing their 2001 editions of sports games. Last time I checked it was still 2000 but hey, what do I know? Where anyone got the idea to make editions of products and cars one year ahead of their actual date is beyond me. But anyway, Madden NFL has been going on for a hell of a long time on systems going back to the 16-bit days, and is still going strong today thanks to smart design and significant changes in each new edition. And let me say, Madden NFL 2001 kicks the ass of any football game out there right now! Whenever I think of Madden, I can't help but think of a hilarious scene in the Fox show The Family guy, so I might as well get it out of my system right now.

(John Madden and another announcer are broadcasting a football game, and it is during an intermission)

The graphics in Madden NFL 2001 defy description, because they're so goddamn awesome! Every little detail, from the gleam on the top of players helmets, to super realistic textures of player's faces, to the beautiful fields, is masterfully done, and is scarily lifelike in some spots! The lighting is right on, and the animation is insanely lifelike, capturing almost every little detail of football you'd watch on television. The only gripe I have in the visuals whatsoever in this title is there is occasionally a bit of slowdown, but this occurs so minimally that its barely noticeable. Otherwise the visuals are just impeccable!

Sadly, the sound isn't nearly as well done. Though the sound of hits, grunts, and the other sound effects accompanying the action are all great, the color commentary and announcing is just pathetic. They might as well have just looped the scene from Family Guy that I mentioned, because the comments John and his other announcing pals are borderline retarded. Foooooooootball! I apologize to all fans of John, but I think I speak for many when I say, "Shut up Johnny boy! Your oh-so-clever Madden-isms are repetitive as hell and really detract from this game rather than add to it. And tell your assistant to shut his big mouth too. " This game could have been near-perfect, but big-mouth Madden had to keep yapping! You may think I'm exaggerating but it's that annoying!

The gameplay is everything you would expect from a Madden game, with super-accurate physics system, a great interface, and very realistic play. It also contains the pitfalls of a Madden game, with unrealistic AI, and teammates that just won't do what you want them to. But other than those two problems, the gameplay is absolutely amazing. You have tons of options, in teams, stadiums, configurations, and many other areas. The variations possible in one player make it so that you'll be playing it a long, long time without getting bored, but the multiplayer mode is even more fun. What football fan can resist humiliating his friends by showing his superior expertise of football. You and your friends will play the game for hours on end trying to outdo each other. Amazing! Overall, if you love football, you owe it to yourself to check out this game!






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