Oni Review

By: John Doe

This game could have been a contender. Unfortunately the interesting plot can't rescue Oni from falling flat due to the difficult control, misbehaving camera, uninspired gameplay and boring environments. What I imagined was a sort of cooler version of Fear Effect except on PS2, what I played was worse than Fighting Force 2.


What can I say that at this point? Oni is a pretty damn mediocre game. There is nothing about it that will entice you to keep playing beyond the second or third level. I had to. You don't. Lucky S.O.B.'s. I knew this game was in trouble the moment I kept blowing the training mission where I had to run around the room. Once I mastered simple movement, the use of firearms stumped me, until I realized it wasn't me that was the problem; it was the game. Once I figured that out, the game actually became a little easier to play, because I can over compensate for crappy control like a true professional; that is, when I'm not chewing on my controller in a rage or seeing how far across the room I can huck it. Simply put, and bluntly too, Oni's controls are out of whack. Developers should never give the players too much control over the camera, and this is exactly what happened. You use one stick to move and the other to aim, which is great for a FPS, but this is a 3rd person perspective and it doesn't work. I favored hand to hand combat all the time, which is pretty useless later in the game when you are ganged up on.

So we've established that the control blows, how about the graphics? Undeniably weak. These environments are about as repetitive as the actual gameplay. There is nothing here that screams next generation, except for the frame rate. The enemy AI is extremely dim and will stand mere feet away completely unaware of your presence as you off another one of their co-workers. Almost all of the thugs tend to attack in the same manner which means that a few kicks and punches and you'll be rid of them. Unless you are attacked by a multitude of dumb guys, who happen to know that there is strength in numbers.

The only saving grace to Oni is the sound and the voice acting which is surprisingly good. The dialogue spoken by the henchmen is pretty entertaining and should be listened to very closely. Musically the game is sparse and intrusive, and didn't have much of an effect on my either way.

Oni is right along side X-Squad when it comes to weak and flawed PS2 action titles. There is nothing in Oni that hasn't been done better on the 32 bit systems. Stay away in droves. The box looks cool, so that's one positive. Other than that, sorry if you were hyped on this one as much as I was, but the hype actually just turned out to be bold face lies. Funny how that happens, isn't it?






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