Summoner Review

By: John Doe

I overlooked this one at first, thinking that there probably wasn't much worth playing in the ways of RPG's on the PS2 at launch time. I was wrong. Summoner is a breath of fresh air after suffering through a couple of less than stellar PS2 offerings.


One of the first things you'll notice about Summoner is that it features a lot more talking than most RPG's. Even the most minor characters will often have a lot to say, and the major characters in the game often talk for a long time. This could be a negative in most cases, which is why I imagine many RPG developers don't add more text to their games. But in the case of this game, the text is extremely fresh and well done, so it doesn't become a nuisance. The story in the game is imaginative, and the game's characters are unique and well thought out, and certainly not generic like in many RPG's.

The visuals of Summoner are definitely a mixed bag. On the positive side of things, the graphics are very solid, and remain at a constant frame rate with very little in the way of fluctuations. The environments look fairly cool, with lots of color and good texture. But on the negative side, the pop-up in Summoner is often just atrocious, and there's also some clipping issues too. Also, characters have a very jagged look to them, often looking very unrealistic, and the draw-in on them is just terrible. But overall the graphics are still fairly well done, despite all the problems.

The sound in this title is particularly well done. The music in the game is not only great sounding but it also perfectly matches the mood of the various areas of the game. The music succeeds in greatly enhancing the excitement and intensity of the game. The voices during the cut scenes in the game are also very cool, featuring excellent dialogue and very expressive voice acting. The sound in this game would be near perfect if it weren't for the ineffective sound effects during battles. The sounds just don't have the power or crispness they should have, but you can almost completely overlook this problem because the rest of the audio is so good.

The game is extremely large, with an incredibly large scope, which makes it a very long game to get through. The game's size could potentially make it easy for some players to lose their way, but once you get a handle over the game, you'll consider its immense size a definite plus. This game will take you a long, long time to work through, but it's a joy for almost the whole way through. Unfortunately, the game isn't so fun when you have to wait through insanely long load times, which occur often. But for a game of this quality, its worth waiting a little extra time. Gamers who are turned off by very large games should stay away from this one, but if you're a fan of huge, expansive RPG's that really are an experience to play through, you should definitely check it out!






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