Tekken Tag Tournament Review

By: John Doe

Tekken Tag Tournament is a great little fighter that relies a little bit too much on the engine from Tekken 3. That's not entirely a bad thing, but you will notice a lot of similarities in the fighting aspects. What will blow you away are the intense backgrounds, the plethora of fighters and the awesome tag ability for which this game is named. Lovers of the arcade game are going to be blown away; TTT on the PS2 looks out of this world better.


I love Tekken. I didn't get into it until Tekken 3 arrived for the PSX, but I quickly made up for it, going back and making sure I played the first two titles. TTT mixes fighters from T2 and T3 and fans of both games will be in punch kick heaven. As we've come to expect there are a ton of fighters to unlock, new moves for all returning fighters, great arenas and of course, the new tag ability.

The control is pure Tekken. 4 buttons for 4 limbs and everything just seems right. Unfortunately, the game still takes place in a somewhat limited "2D with the illusion of 3D" space, and although it's not a big deal, it doesn't quite offer the freedom of movement that Dead or Ailve 2: Hardcore does. TTT also doesn't have multi-tiered arena's like DOA2 either, which is definitely too bad. But back to what it does have. The Tag feature allows you and 3 friends to have it for a night of friendly ass-kicking. Although this mode is great fun and brings a whole new fighting element to the table, I don't get why Namco didn't force you to beat each opponent to advance. All you have to do is beat one opponents health bar down and it's on to the next match. Learning when to tag is just as important as learning all of the cool moves. You can tag when you're on the ground, when you are being thrown, when you throw an opponent, etc. Depending on the timing, the tag could really turn the match at the right time!

If all of this tagging nonsense does nothing for you, simply play the One on One mode. It's more like Tekken 3. You can also partake in Tag Team Battle mode, Time Attack and Survial Modes. And if you are good enough you'll even unlock a great little mini game: Tekken Bowling. Very cool and bizarre.

Graphically TTT is fantastic. The environments are filled with moving people, dynamic lighting, rolling clouds, gritty architecture, reflections, moving grass etc. It's a site to behold. Again, it would have been nice to see some inclines like VF3 incorporated or multi-tiered arenas, but that will have to wait for Tekken 4. The boring fighting plane (flat) in which you do battle is the only big disappointment. The only other minor gripe is that the ending movies are a little short and lack the personality and cohesiveness when compared to the quality of Tekken 3.

If you do own a PS2, it's great to know you'll have your pick of two of the best fighting games available for home consoles at the moment. If you've overdosed on Tekken in the arcade or on the PSX, then maybe approach this one with caution, but could that really happen? Highly recommended!






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