Wild Wild Racing Review

By: John Doe

Rage gets back on track with Wild Wild Racing, or I should say it gets back on track and off again, and on again and off again...


Wild Wild Racing takes the best elements from the track racing genre and the best dune buggy off-road features of popular games such as the great Smuggler's Run and the less than charming Buggy Heat and merges them together to yield a game for racers who jones for adventure.

WWR will have you racing on the open highway in a variety of weather conditions only to take to the freedom offered by the off-road when you feel the urge. Here mud, sand, gravel, hills and rocks will test your skills while attempting to reduce your time on Earth. Careful operating of the handbrake will help you to successfully negotiate the rough terrain.

The Challege mode gives you the opportunity to get yourself together for the Championship mode which is a series of ever-increasing challenges. In the Challenge mode, you are able to unlock more sophisticated vehicles through a series of missions and obstacle courses presented in any of the three Quest, Skill or Stunt stages. As you complete the challenges, you will earn stats to improve you existing vehicle, such as a more poweful engine, so that you can go on to harder challenges and eventually unlock entirely new vehicles. The tasks here are easy to learn and next to impossible to master. Everything you learn here will serve you well in the Championship level.

At 60 fps, the look is spectacular and while the foreground exposure is not as extensive as I would like, especially for taking evasive action and planning strategic maneuvers, what you see is nonetheless appealing. The exposed engines of the vehicles are animated and you can see the gears, belts and chains working in harmonious synchronization. Makes me just want to poke a stick in there.

It won't take novices but a few minutes to wheel their buggies into position but it will take days or even weeks to refine the subtleties. The suspensions of the vehicles react amazingly to the terrain and the powersliding system is one of the best ever. It isn't difficult to control, just give it sharp cut left or right. After a few flips you'll get the hang of it. It is absolutely essential to master if you want to make it to the top of the heap.

Wild Wild Racing has so much to offer in the way of game play, attention to detail, animation and audio that even the most jaded of gamers should find it enduring.






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