Sly Cooper And The Thievius Racconus

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Bonuses

    Get all the bottles hidden within a level. A FMV sequence, special move, or background information will be unlocked.

    Successfully complete the game to unlock the introduction sequence from the Japanese version of the game.

    Find all Thievius Raccoonus pages to unlock the Thievius Raccoonus ending sequence.

    Successfully complete all Master Thief Runs to unlock a background FMV sequence.

  • Extra lives and Lucky Charms

    Go to the "Prowling The Grounds" area at Raleigh's hide out in "Tide Of Terror". Go from the fountain with the funny looking fish and walk up the trail of coins. To the left of the "High Class Heist" mini-level is an extra life. Around the corner there is a tree and a window pane over a patch of thorns. In the window is a Lucky Charm. By repeatedly entering the "High Class Heist" mini-level, and returning to the main area, you can get these items again, as many times as desired.

  • Extra lives

    You must start with at least one life to do this trick. Go to Sir Raleigh's "Prowling Grounds" and look to the northwest. You should see two trees. Double jump on the end of the stair rail or the twisty sewer thing and jump on the trees. You will see a window. Hit it open with your cane and get the extra life. Go back the same way, in stairway. Stay in the middle, then kill the guard with the flashlight. Go toward "High Class Heist", but do not enter. Look to the west to find another window. Break it open and get the life. Then, kill yourself by jumping onto the spike plant in the same location. Restart and you will be in the "Prowling Grounds" again. Repeat the process to build your extra lives.

  • Save lives

    Press Start as Sly dies before the scene change, then exit the level. However, this is not useful in the final level.

  • Moving heads

    You can move Bentley's and Sly's heads when they communicate through the binocucom by moving the Analog-stick on their side (Right Analog-stick for Sly and Left Analog-stick for Bentley).

    Game Shark Codes

    Master Code (Must Be On)0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
    EE9F582E BCC9E0F2
    Infinite LivesFE971AFE BCA99BE6
    Infinite TimeCE9815C0 BCA9DD10
    Max CoinsFE971A86 BCA99BE6
    20 CluesCE9730DE BCA99BA3
    Gold HorseshoeCE971AFA BCA99B85

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