Suikoden 5

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ



Note: This game is also titled Gensou Suikoden 5.

  • Completion bonus

    Successfully complete the game and save when prompted. Start a new game and select the cleared saved game file. You will begin with the money from your previous game, collected formations, your Party SP, collected Epics, inventory and storage items, and your Hero's name. Additionally, press L2 or Triangle to run faster.

  • Super character

    The following setup will basically make your character immortal:

      Equip four Eyeball Rings
      Rune Slot 1: A Strike-Back Rune
      Rune slot 2: Double Edge Sword (If the character has a 2nd Rune slot)
      Rune slot 3: Drain Rune (If the character has a 3rd Rune slot)

    This setup is not cheap, but it is possible to handle many Bosses solo with it. You may need to remove the Double Edge rune from some characters because they do not have a lot of HP. Go to the big hole near the rotating bridge. In the area before the ruins, the Eyeball Ring is commonly dropped.

  • Byakuren

    An easy way to get Byakuren (the giant snake that attacks you when you cross the bridge in your Headquarters) is to have Levi (the magician) in your party and defeat him. Afterwards he will join your Star Of Destiny tablet.

  • George

    It is recommended that you do not level up George because you cannot use him in the final battle.

  • Josephine

    She is in Haud after the Battle Of Raftfleet (around there). You must have Lady Sialeeds in your party.

  • Lady Sialeeds

    It is recommended that you do not level up Lady Sialeeds because you cannot use her in the final battle.

  • Muraad

    He will be at every place where there is a large battle. Keep asking him until he joins at each of the places (such as Rainwall, Raftfleet, Lelcar, and Doorat).

  • Oboro

    When you are in Rainwall you will need him to advance in the story. When you are done speaking with him, go to the inn and talk to Norden. When you are done following the next few scenes, wait until after the battle of Raftfleet. He will be there and you can ask him to join. Note: You should do the bar scene or he will be difficult to get.

  • Easy money and armor

    Once you recruit Subala, store all of your party items with Chuck. Then, play the fishing game against Subala at your headquarters. When you play the fishing game, sometimes you will catch "? Pot" and parts of fish bodies. Play the fishing game about five or six times (depending upon your skill). Go to the closest appraiser and get all of your "? Pots" appraised. You can then turn around and sell the pots to the appraiser for a significant profit. It is possible to make over 200,000 Potch in one trip. The fish body parts are armor that you can equip on a few characters. This is good armor to have fairly early in the game.

  • Skip boat sailing scenes

    When you sail on a boat to a location, press Triangle while sailing to skip the boat trip and arrive immediately at your destination.

  • Hidden bath scenes

    Bring one of the following set of characters into the bath in your headquarters to trigger a hidden bath scene:

      Scene 01: Josephine, Maroon, Faylen
      Scene 02: Kisara, Lun, Subala
      Scene 03: Eresh, Leilei, Shunmin
      Scene 04: Zerase, Nikea, Bernadette
      Scene 05: Lyon, Miakis, Roy
      Scene 06: Flail, Byarkuren
      Scene 07: Lu, Jeane, Marina
      Scene 08: Nifsara, Norma, Linfa
      Scene 09: Lorelai, Viki, Zweig
      Scene 10: Isabel, Nelis, Sharmista
      Scene 11: Lyon, Sialeeds
      Scene 12: Maroon, Muroon, Faylon
      Scene 13: Dinn, Isato, Matthias
      Scene 14: Kyle, Gavaya
      Scene 15: Roog, Nick, Rania
      Scene 16: Ernst, Ax, Moroon
      Scene 17: Logg, Retso
      Scene 18: Levi, Wabon, Babbage
      Scene 19: Alhazred, Ganoh, Sairoh
      Scene 20: Zegai, Killey, Gunde
      Scene 21: Nakula, Raven, Egbert
      Scene 22: Rahal, Lance, Mohsen
      Scene 23: Cathari, Hazuki, Urda
      Scene 24: Bergen, Sorensen, Dongo
      Scene 25: Georg, Richard, Yahr, Taylor
      Scene 26: Shigure, Sagiri
      Scene 27: Galleon, Goesch, Murad
      Scene 28: Cornelio, Baslan
      Scene 29: Cius, Haleth
      Scene 30: Shoon, Takamu
      Scene 31: Belcoot, Shinro

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