Xenosaga: Episode 3 - Also Sprach Zarathustra

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ



  • Shion's Vector costume

    Start a new game, then load a completed saved game file from Xenosaga: Episode 2 on your memory card to begin with Shion's Vector costume from Xenosaga: Episode 2.

  • Allen Swimsuit and Chaos Flawless costumes

    Successfully complete the game and save when prompted. Load the cleared saved game file to unlock the Allen Swimsuit and Chaos Flawless costumes.

  • Ziggy Swimsuit costume

    Successfully complete the Advanced Hakox levels to unlock Ziggy Swimsuit costume.

  • Swimsuit mode

    Successfully complete the game to unlock Swimsuit mode under the "Memory Code" event viewer.

  • JR's swim costume

    On the south eastern part of the map of Miltia is a small, barely visible side street heading south off the main street. Pass through that street and go to the east to find a treasure chest containing an armor for JR that changes his character model.

  • Balloon girl and two Berry Ice Creams

    In the center of Miltia City is a long west-to-east walkway, with the eastern end turning into another part of the city. There should be a breakable short red gate blocking a building. Destroy the gate and the door to enter the building. Climb the stairs to see a little girl talking about a cat who stole her balloon. The cat is walking back and forth along a horizontal flagpole. Use a trap to make the cat drop the balloon. Then, catch the balloon with Circle for two Berry Ice Creams (Medium HP restore).

  • The Business District Gate code

    Once you are able to move around in Miltia's map, go to the right as far as possible. You will see a treasure chest on top of a building. When you select this chest, text will appear asking for a code. The code is "5150".

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