2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa


  • Play against the World Classic XI team

    Get at least a Bronze medal against all teams in Zakumi's Dream Team mode.

  • Play as the World Classic XI team

    Defeat the World Classic XI team in two out of three matches to unlock the team in Hit The Pitch mode.

  • Goal celebration packs

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding goal celebration pack:

      Pack #1: Get the Adidas Golden Boot Award (win the FIFA World Cup and have one of your team's members be the top scorer of the World Cup).
      Pack #2: Take the lead by scoring within the first five minutes of a match.
      Pack #3: Score within five minutes following a goal you just made.
      Pack #4: Score 100 goals.
      Pack #5: Score three goals with the same player in a single match.

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