• Big Dub Hustle Club stage

    Successfully complete Story mode with all characters to unlock the Big Dub Hustle Club stage.

  • Songs

    Successfully complete Story mode with the indicated character to unlock the corresponding song in Karaoke and Dance mode:

      Boogie Oogie Oogie: Bubba
      Dancing In The Street: Julius
      Love Shack: Lea
      SOS (Rescue Me): Jet
      Tu y Yo: Kato

  • 3-D music video

    After completing a song on any stage, you will have the option to make a music video. Select that option. You may then get the option to edit with effects. One symbol has pair of 3-D glasses. Select them, and continue editing your song. When you watch the song after you are done editing the part with the 3-D glasses, it will have the symbol of the glasses in the corner of the screen. If you pause the music video at that point and put on real 3-D glasses, that scene will appear in 3-D.

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