Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare - Reflex

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Cheat menu

Successfully complete Campaign mode to unlock the "Cheat" menu under "Options". To unlock the cheat options, collect the indicated number of hidden Intel pieces. Note: Cheats must be reactivated after losing a life.

    A Bad Year: 15 Intel
    Cluster Bombs: 10 Intel
    CoD Noir: 2 Intel
    Infinite Ammo: 30 Intel
    Paintball: 8 Intel
    Photo-Negative: 4 Intel
    Slow-Mo Ability: 20 Intel
    Super Contrast: 6 Intel

Golden weapons

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding gold weapon:

    Golden AK-47: Successfully complete all assault rifle challenges.
    Golden Desert Eagle: Reach level 55 "Commander" rank.
    Golden Dragunov: Successfully complete all sniper challenges.
    Golden M1014: Successfully complete all shotgun challenges.
    Golden M60E4: Successfully complete all LMG challenges.
    Golden Mini-Uzi: Successfully complete all SMG challenges.
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