The Dog Island



Finding the Blue Rose

When you first go in Chiro, there should be a cave to the extreme right. Go past the snake, but do not follow the water to reach it. If you find bats, you have gone too far.

Dinosaur skeleton

If you choose the wrong color button, you will lose half a life point. Make sure you have lots of healing items when attempting this. Try pressing green, red, blue, blue. The "hidden" button is in the middle.

Alex's riddles

    Riddle 1: The answer is a candle, which can be found in the Victory Dogs' Hideout.

    Riddle 2: If you ask Alex for a hint, he will tell you to ask Amalia for help. You can ask her for a hint or the answer, which is nails. You can then answer the riddle by talking to Alex again.

    Riddle 3: What carries its home on its back in the rain? The answer is a snail.

    Riddle 4: What has a mouth on its head and eats everything? The answer is a backpack.

Sniffing stones

When at the place where you must sniff four square stones in the correct order, try the following:

    Upper right, upper left
    Lower right, lower left
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