MLB Power Pros



  • Expansion team

    Start a season using the normal settings. You will be asked if you want an expansion or not. You can make two teams, set their uniforms, their stadium, logo, etc. If you want to build a team around hitting, use the Local ballpark which costs 10,000 Power points in the shop area. If you want a team that will be based around pitching and defense, use the Panrika ballpark which also costs 10,000 Power points in the shop area.

  • Fantasy draft

    If you let the game do your draft for you, you will get a good team. If you want to do the draft yourself, the following are a few good players to look for that the CPU does not immediately sign:

      John Smoltz
      Justin Verlander
      Richie Sexon
      Stephen Drew
      Troy Tuliowitizki
      Eric Chavez
      Mark Teahen
      Brad Penny
      Mark Redman
      Jason Jennings
      Adam Kennedy

  • Closers

    Closers go fast in the draft. If you are manually doing the draft, get about nine pitchers (five starters, two or three long relievers, and the last one a closer). You will get a quality pitcher that will get the saves instead of having to put in a reliever that does not have the kind of skills closers should have. For example, in your first pick, choose John Smoltz. He has over 150 saves in his career.

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