Nerf: N-Strike Elite


  • Cheat mode

    Load your profile, and select the "Codebook" option at the bottom right corner. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    10 CanistersNERF
    Infinite AmmoDART
    Cerberus CS-12DUDE
    Crusher SAD-GRUSH
    Golithan UB-1ROCK
    Hammerhead GL-1PONG
    Hydra SG-7WIDE
    Icarus HM-7DOOM
    Longshot CS-6IDOL
    Longstrike CS-6PING
    Recon CS-6DIRT
    SemperFire RF-100FLEX
    Spartan NCS-12ICON
    Vulcan EBF-25LOTS

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