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Along with having multiple options for controls and vehicles, Untamed also has a good variety of events to compete in. Besides all the standard modes you've come to expect from the franchise, Untamed gives players some new options including opencross races and an X-cross tournament. In the X-cross tournament, you will get to compete in a variety of events of your choosing to become the champion. For example, if you like nationals more than supercross races, then you can just enter the nationals and completely ignore supercross.

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The new opencross events are one of these selectable race types in the X-cross tournament. Opencross races will have you racing across a mostly open world, minus all of the streets and walls that litter the game's other race types. In these races, instead of racing on a set track, you are given checkpoints that you must drive through and the freedom to choose how best to get there. My only real problem with these races is that sometimes it is difficult to see trees before your vehicle becomes wrapped around them. Still, this is easily my favorite racing mode in the game and it is incredibly fun.


Untamed for the Wii also offers online play to help round out the game's racing options. You will be able to compete in MX vs. ATV, machines, and freestyle events over your Wi-Fi connection. While I would really like to tell you all about the online gameplay, I am unable to do so. No matter how many times I tried or what time of day I tried, I was unable to find a single match in any of these events. I know the game is still fairly new, but this was a massive disappointment. I'm sure these online modes are probably fun, but unless you have a friend who is also going to have this game, you may not find a lot of online matches.

Graphically, this game performs admirably. While it obviously isn't as pretty as its next-generation brothers, it does look fairly decent. The game's drivers and many vehicles all look like you would expect from the Wii's graphical capabilities. Whenever you wreck, you are also treated to a slow motion cinematic view of your wipe out. Even though you may be upset that you have wrecked, it can be incredibly entertaining to see how many times you can get your bike to spin or even how many people wreck as a result of your accident. There are a large variety of locales in which to race, and most look and feel rather unique. You will notice a slight amount of popup while racing, but thankfully, it is only in the distance and doesn't affect the gameplay. There are also some really good lighting effects present that help the game appear even more realistic.

Despite some of its small shortcomings, Untamed is a fairly enjoyable experience. With all of the options you are given for controls, races, vehicles, and modes, this is definitely a title that isn't short on gameplay and replayability. Hopefully, more people will pick up this title so that the online modes can also add even more fun to this title. Untamed is one of the best offroad racing games on the Wii and is well worth playing, or at least trying if you haven't experienced this genre before.

By Adam Brown
CCC Freelance Writer

Good models, locales, and lighting effects are only diminished by some slight popup in the distance.
You are given four options for controls here and at least half of them work really well; just avoid the dreaded horizontal and steering wheel controls.
Music / Sound FX / Voice Acting
There is very little variety in both the game's sound effects and soundtrack. You might just want to mute the television and put on some of your own tunes.

Play Value
This game gives you a ton of options and modes that will keep you playing for quite some time. The score would have been even higher if it were possible to find an online match.

Overall Rating - Good
Not an average. See Rating legend above for a final score breakdown.

Game Features:

  • X-Cross: 6 unique series are crossed into one ultimate offroad championship.
  • Nintendo Debut: MX vs ATV brings the rivalry to a Nintendo platform for the first time.
  • Wii Remote: Steer, preload, and stunt with unique Wii Remote controls.
  • Nunchuck Stunts: Steer and stunt with both hands create an all new freestyle experience.
  • Ski-Jumps: Pull off the craziest combos ever in this all new freestyle world.
  • Sponsorships: Carry up to 8 sponsorships on your vehicle to make it your own.
  • Crash Camera: Watch the carnage unfold in super slow-motion.
  • Multiplayer: Fire out of the gates in 6 player online competition.

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