Lego City: Undercover

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ



  • Cheat mode

    Enter one of the following codes at the "Extras" menu to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    Baseball PlayerYCMWKP
    Chan's DrakonasDWJVCT
    Classic AlienCQSZBJ
    Disguised Natalia KowalskiHVGTPG
    Gorilla Suit GuyXKGZVJ
    Karate GuyMRPHVQ
    Pop StarCNCNRH
    Racecar DriverMHHRHM
    Roman SoldierWRSKVC
    Samurai WarriorRJYZHC
    Soccer PlayerSYFMWJ
    Drakonas vehicleDWJVCT
    Relocator vehicleVZHHDM

  • Bonus missions

    Enter "3D74QF9", "3GCC7XR", or "N7NN4F9" as a code at the terminal between two garages in front of the police station, and the two garage doors will open. The one on the left is a Robbery Arrest mission, where you take the Justice car and chase a hoodlum. The one on the right is a Vehicle Stealing mission, where you use the Spirit red sports car. Successfully complete the bonus missions to unlock the vehicles that were used in the missions.

  • Play as Super Wrestler

    Collect the five hidden blocks throughout the city to unlock Super Wrestler. The five blocks can be found at the following locations:

      1 - On Apollo Island: The block can be found behind the garages along the runway.
      2 - On Auburn Bay Bridge: The block can be found on the support beams of the bridge.
      3 - Bluebell National Park: You first need to beam up to the top of the dam. Then, chop through the boarded door, and climb the ladder to find the block.
      4 - Lego City Airport: The block can be found underneath the freeway near the airport.
      5 - Pagoda: Search the walkways along the ocean to find the final block.

  • Chase statue

    Collect 400,000,000 studs to unlock a statue of Chase in King's Court, surrounded by unlimited blue studs.

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