Rayman Legends



  • Bonus costumes

    Collect the indicated number of Lums to unlock the corresponding costume in the Heroes Gallery:

      Flaming Teensy: 440,000 Lums
      Globolk: 350,000 Lums
      GlobTeen: 20,000 Lums
      Glombrox: 75,000 Lums
      Ninja Teensy: 280,000 Lums
      Plumber Globox (Wii U exclusive): 28,000 Lums
      Plumber Ray (Wii U exclusive): 9,000 Lums
      Poglox: 500,000 Lums
      Raybox: 40,000 Lums
      Raymesis: 130,000 Lums
      Raymolk: 220,000 Lums
      Rayomz: 1,000,000 Lums
      Red Globox: 14,000 Lums
      Sir Rayelot: 2,000 Lums
      Teensy Hermit: 170,000 Lums
      Teensy Queen: 55,000 Lums
      Teensy Ray: 5,000 Lums
      Teensy Wizard: 100,000 Lums
      The First King: 750,000 Lums

  • All Gold and Diamond cups and hidden Teensies locations

    The following video shows you how to get all Gold and Diamond cups, and the location of all hidden Teensies in the "Teensies In Trouble" level.

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