CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Strategy Guide


  • Help from partner

    You can ask your partner for a hint about the case. You can see in what area you have not done, such as locations that you have not thoroughly searched.

  • Sweater thread in Garvey case

    Go to the iron rod. Use the magnifier. Move all the way down the rod with the magnifier and you should find a thread from a sweater.

  • Secret hair in In And Out

    When on the first investigation (In And Out), go to the cloth on the bed next to the dead woman and use the magnifier. Then, use the tweezers to pick up the hidden hair.

  • Light My Fire case

    If you look outside you will find a knee print. After you cast it, just above the knee print are some small pieces of glass; collect them.

  • Pawn Shop in Prints And Pauper

    Evidence is hidden at the pawn shop, to the right of the garbage can on the ground, There is a ring that you do nothing to. Open the object with the microscope above the ring. Tweeze the hair and swab the stain. Then, go back and access the object. Take it, then talk to Lane Jackson (the man at the pawn shop).

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