Dancing Stage Unleashed 2


  • Credits mini-game

    While watching the game credits, match the directions at the top left of the screen.

  • Bonus songs

      .59 (Kyd Konami Mix) - Jesper Kyd: Successfully complete Istanbul Café in heavy mode.

      G2 - Aya: Play 200 songs. Alternately, successfully complete the Extra 1 challenge.

      GYRUSS (FULL TILT) - JT.1UP: Unlocked after completing 50 songs.

      I Feel... (T.O.Y. Remix) - T.O.Y.: Get over 12,000 points on mini-game during the credits.

      In My Eyes (Midihead Remix) - Midihead: Play 100 songs.

      Make A Jam! (Dub/House Mix) - Big Idea: Win Make A Jam mode on all three difficulty settings.

      MAX 300 (Super-Max-Me-Mix) - Jondi and Spesh: Get an "AAA" rank on any song, or complete Maxx Unlimited mode in heavy mode.

      Midnight Special - Love Machineguns: Play 20 songs.

      Toe Jam - Big Idea: Successfully complete Baile Le Samba in heavy mode.

      Zero One: Get an "AA" rank on any song.

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