King Of Fighters: NeoWave


  • Hidden characters and official pictures

    In order to unlock hidden characters and all the pictures in Gallery mode, go to the Endless (Survival) mode, then reach and defeat Geese Howard. The game will continue after Geese's defeat, but it is not necessary to continue fighting after him. Then, go to any mode, highlight one of the following characters and hold R to use his or her respective hidden character:

    Normal characterHidden character
    Kyo KusanagiKyo Kusanagi (King 94 version)
    ChangMay Lee
    Kula DiamondAngel
    Shingo YabukiSeth
    Saishyu KusanagiOmega Rugal

    Note: The following hidden characters are already unlocked:

    Normal characterHidden character
    K'Geese Howard
    Yashiro NanakaseYashiro Nanakase (Orochi version)
    ShermieShermie (Orochi version)
    ChrisChris (Orochi version)
    JhunKim Kaphwan

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