MLB SlugFest: Loaded


  • Fantasy stadiums and teams

    At the main menu, hold R + Y + X to unlock the fantasy stadiums and teams.

  • Cheat mode

    At the vs. match-up screen, press X, Y, and B to change the icons in the first, second, and third boxes respectively. The numbers in the following list indicate the number of times each button is pressed. After the icons have been changed, press the D-pad in the indicated direction to enable the code. For example, to enter 1-2-3 Left, press X, Y(2), B(3), Left.

    Bone bat0-0-1 Up
    Blade bat0-0-2 Up
    Max speed0-0-3 Left
    Ice bat0-0-3 Up
    Whiffle bat0-0-4 Right
    Log bat0-0-4 Up
    Spike bat0-0-5 Up
    Max power0-3-0 Left
    Little League mode1-0-1 Down
    Dolphin team1-0-2 Down
    Dwarf team1-0-3 Down
    Minotaur team1-1-0 Down
    Scorpion team1-1-2 Down
    Gladiator team1-1-3 Down
    Extra time after plays1-2-3 Left
    Rodeo Clown team1-3-2 Down
    Bobblehead team1-3-3 Down
    Tiny head mode2-0-0 Left
    Big head mode2-0-0 Right
    Pinto team2-1-0 Right
    Evil Clown team2-1-1 Down
    Horse team2-1-1 Right
    Eagle team2-1-2 Right
    Lion team2-2-0 Right
    Olshan team2-2-2 Down
    Todd McFarlane team2-2-2 Right
    Rivera team2-2-2 Up
    Alien team2-3-1 Down
    Napalitano team2-3-2 Down
    Casey team2-3-3 Down
    16-inch softball mode2-4-2 Down
    Rubber ball mode2-4-2 Up
    Max batting3-0-0 Left
    Midway Park stadium3-2-1 Down
    Atlantis stadium3-2-1 Left
    Empire Park stadium3-2-1 Right
    Rocket Park stadium3-2-1 Up
    Monument stadium3-3-3 Down
    Forbidden City stadium3-3-3 Left
    Terry Fitzgerald team3-3-3 Right
    Coliseum stadium3-3-3 Up
    Infinite turbo4-4-4 Down

  • Bobblehead team

    Hit ten homeruns in a game to unlock the Bobblehead team.

  • Eagles team

    Get walked three times in one game. To do this easily, take two controllers and use controller two to just throw balls.

  • Lions team

    Hit a homerun at Comerica park with the Tigers to unlock the Lions team.

  • Scorpion team

    Hit a homerun with Sub Zero at Midway Park to unlock the Scorpion team.

  • Sub Zero team

    Hit a homerun at Midway Park to unlock the Sub Zero team.

  • Atlantis stadium

    Hit a homerun at Right Field in SBC (San Francisco) to unlock the Atlantis stadium.

  • Coliseum stadium

    Hit a homerun at Fenway (Boston Red Sox) to unlock the Coliseum stadium.

  • Empire stadium

    Hit a homerun at Yankee Stadium (New York Yankees) to unlock the Empire stadium.

  • Forbidden stadium

    Hit a homerun at Pet Co (San Diego Padres) to unlock the Forbidden stadium.

  • Midway stadium

    Hit a homerun at Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs) to unlock the Midway stadium.

  • Monument stadium

    Hit a homerun at Citzen's Bank (Philadelphia Phillies) to unlock the Monument stadium.

  • Rocket Park stadium

    Hit a homerun at Minute Made Park (Houston Astros) to unlock the Rocket Park stadium.

  • Fantasy team equivalents

    The following is a list of Fantasy teams and the real teams that each corresponds to:

      Lions: Houston
      Horse: Philadelphia
      Pinto: Atlanta
      Eagles: St. Louis
      Gladiators: Boston
      Bobble Head: Toronto
      Dolphins: Florida
      Scorpion: Arizona
      Sub-Zero: Seattle
      Evil Clowns: NY Yankees
      Minotaur: San Francisco
      Alien: Minnesota
      Casey: Chicago Cubs

  • Unlocking teams and stadiums

    For some teams and stadiums to be unlocked, you must hit a homerun in a certain stadium. For the stadiums such as Midway and Rocket Park, you can start Franchise mode, then pick any team. Select the particular stadium that you need to hit a homerun in as your team's home stadium. Then, play any home game and hit a homerun.

  • Easy homeruns

    Press Power Swing (X + click Left Analog-stick). This works well in the homerun derby.

    To hit very far (about 800 feet), press Up + Turbo + Power Swing at the exact correct moment. It is basically luck, but it works.

    Press X then quickly press Up.

  • Easy out

    When you have a runner at first base and are about to pitch to the next hitter, throw the ball to first. He will not be out, but get the runner to hit you so that you drop the ball. He will start running to second. Pick up the ball and throw it to second base. You will get him out every time.

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