NBA Jam 2004


  • Developer teams

    Enter "CREDITS" as a profile name to unlock five teams with the game's developers.

  • Cheat mode

    Enter one of the following codes by pressing the appropriate buttons to change the icons in each position, where 0 is the basketball, 1 is the NBA Trophy, 2 is the NBA Jam logo basketball, and 3 is the NBA logo; then press the D-pad in the indicated direction:

    Available by default
    Tournament mode1-1-1 Down
    Child's Play (in exhibition mode)1-1-1 Left
    Challenging Mode1-1-1 Up
    Show Shot %1-0-0 Down
    No Replays1-0-0 Up
    No Fire1-0-0 Left
    ABA Ball0-2-0
    Available after purchase
    Big Heads2-0-0 Right
    80's Filter0-0-3 Right
    Beach Ball2-0-1 Up
    Chain Nets2-0-1 Down
    Iguana Gymnasium0-1-0 Up
    Retro Celtics Arena0-1-0 Down
    Retro Lakers Arena0-1-0 Left
    Retro Bulls Arena0-1-0 Right
    Venice Beach0-1-1 Down
    Rucker Park0-1-1 Left
    Acclaim Rooftop-0-1-1 Up
    No 2-Pointers1-2-2 Up
    No 3-Pointers1-2-2 Down
    No Goaltending1 -2-2 Right
    Constant Hotspots3-1-2 Up
    No Hotspots3-1-2 Down
    Super Thug Mode3-1-2 Right
    Quick Shot Clock2-1-0 Up
    No Shot Clock2-1-0 Down
    Slow Clock2-1-0 Left
    Fast Clock2-1-0 Right
    Constant Fire3-1-3 Up
    Easy Fire3-1-3 Down
    Fast Game3-1-3 Left
    Infinite Turbo3-1-3 Right
    Powerup Team0-0-0 Up
    Powerup Team 3 Pt.2-2-2 Up
    Powerup Team Dunks2-2-2 Down
    Powerup Team Blocks2-2-2 Left
    Powerup Team Dribbles2-2-2 Right
    Powerup Team Rebounds2-3-2 Up
    Powerup Team Strength2-3-2 Down
    Powerup Team Speed2-3-2 Left
    Powerup Team Steals2-3-2 Right
    Extra Big Heads2-0-0 Up
    Big Feet2-0-0 Down
    Small Heads2-0-0 Left
    Giant Team Mode0-0-1 Up
    Small Team Mode0-0-1 Down
    Pre-70s Motions3-0-0 Up
    70's Motions3-0-0-Down
    80's Motions3-0-0 Left
    Pre-70's Announcer 0-3-0 Up
    70's Announcer0-3-0 Down
    80's Announcer0-3-0 Left
    90's Announcer0-3-0 Right
    Pre-70's Filter0-0-3 Up
    70's Filter0-0-3 Left
    80's Filter0-0-3 Right
    Pre-70's Stlye3-3-3 Up
    70's Style3-3-3 Down
    80's Style3-3-3 Right

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