Spy Hunter: Nowhere To Run


  • Spy Hunter arcade game

    In the "Cleaning Up" level, go past the room with all the melee weapons in cases to find a room with a projection TV and a Spy Hunter arcade machine in the corner. Approach the game and an "Insert Coin" prompt will appear. Press A to unlock a remake of the Spy Hunter arcade game.

  • Challenge levels

    Earn the indicated rank the listed number of times to unlock the corresponding challenge level:

      Boat Challenge: "Spy Hunter" rank once
      Bomb Challenge: "Operative" rank two times
      Motorcycle Challenge: "Spy Hunter" rank four times
      Slo Mo Challenge: "Spy Hunter" rank eight times
      Survival Challenge: "Spy Hunter" rank six times
      Tank Challenge: "Spy Hunter" rank two times

  • Micro Machine Gun

    Successfully complete the game to unlock the Micro Machine Gun.

  • Tactical Machine Gun

    Earn an "Operative" rank in all twelve missions to unlock the Tactical Machine Gun.

  • Vindicator Machine Gun

    Earn a "Spy Hunter" rank in all twelve missions to unlock the Vindicator Machine Gun.

  • Attract mode

    Successfully complete Level 1 to unlock Attract mode.

  • Rock Mocap movie

    Successfully complete Level 2 to unlock the Rock Mocap movie.

  • Trailer

    Successfully complete Level 3 to unlock the trailer.

  • Rock Bottom move

    Stun an enemy by holding Y while very close. Then, hold Y for Alex Decker to do the Rock Bottom (The Rock's wrestling finisher).

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