Bakugan: Defenders Of The Core


  • Cheat mode

    At the main menu, select the "Collection" option. Choose the "Unlock Codes" selection, and enter "HXV6Y7BF" as a code to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    10 Vexos Passes YJ7RGG7WGZ
    10,000 Core Energy 82D77YK6P8
    Earthen Armor YQLHBBSMDC
    Fire Spirit TD4UMFSRW3
    Light Arrow 2FKRRMNCDQ
    Tornado Vortex HUUH8ST7AR
    Water Pillar JJUZDEACXX
    Zorch Thunder QY8CLD5NJE

  • All evolved Bakugan ability cards

    Successfully complete Story mode two times to unlock all evolved Bakugan ability cards.

  • All unevolved Bakugan ability cards

    Successfully complete Story mode to unlock all unevolved Bakugan ability cards.

  • Play as Maxus Dragonoid

    Get six Bakugan traps for Dragonoid in Story mode to unlock Maxus Dragonoid.

  • Play as Maxus Helios

    Get six Bakugan traps for Helios in Story mode to unlock Maxus Helios.

  • Play as Vexos Bakugan

    Successfully complete Story mode to unlock Vexos Bakugan.

  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Wet Feet (10 points): Follow Dan's instructions.
      First Encounter (10 points): Save Dan and Marucho.
      One down... (20 points): Destroy a Vexos crystal in Story Mode.
      Illusionist (10 points): Build a hologram tower.
      Hologram tycoon (30 points): Build a hologram tower of each attribute.
      Collector (30 points): Earn 100,000 in core energy.
      Treasure Hunter (10 points): Get ten items from item boxes.
      Good aim (10 points): Throw your Bakugan to get an item.
      D-Fence (10 points): Deflect an opponent's physical attack 5 times in a single battle.
      Denied! (10 points): Do ten combo breakers in a single battle.
      Untouchable (20 points): Do ten perfect combo breakers in a single battle.
      Black belt (30 points): Do all combos on a Bakugan's Combo List in a single battle.
      Grand master (30 points): Do twenty or more hits in a single combo.
      Power hungry (20 points): Pick up all three power-up types in a single battle.
      Gate Card set (30 points): Open each type of Gate card at least once.
      B Student (20 points): Get B rank or higher in six Story Mode battles.
      Honor roll (30 points): Get A rank or higher in twelve Story Mode battles.
      Perfection (50 points): Get S rank in every Story Mode battle.
      1-Up (20 points): Purchase an upgrade for a Bakugan.
      Six-pack (30 points): Purchase all upgrades for six different Bakugan.
      Long hard road (50 points): Purchase all upgrades for all Bakugan.
      Duel master (10 points): Win five duels against the CPU in Battle Arena Mode.
      One man army (10 points): Obtain 250 or more points in a Battle Arena Free For All.
      Wrecking ball (10 points): Obtain 500 or more points in a Battle Arena Destruction Battle.
      Champion! (30 points): Win 30 times against the CPU in Battle Arena Mode.
      So many choices (30 points): Unlock every Bakugan in the game.
      Full deck (30 points): Get every Ability card in the game.
      Go figure (30 points): Collect every metal figure in the game.

    Additionally, there are 16 secret achievements:

      Kidnapped (20 points): Saved Elfin From Shadow.
      Mr. Crazypants (20 points): Invented Holograms towers and used them to beat the Vexos.
      Distrust (20 points): Joined forces with Ace.
      Mr. Hotshot Himself (20 points): Saved Percival From Volt.
      Master Baron (20 points): Saved Ingram and Nemus from Lync.
      Misunderstanding (20 points): Didn't get fooled by Mylene's tricks.
      Don't Cross Drago (30 points): Stopped the kidnappers and got Wilda back.
      Unnatural Disater (20 points): Defeated Lync and stopped the earthquakes.
      Digging in the right place (20 points): Got to Abyss before the Vexos.
      Spec-Dah (20 points): Defeated your ultimate foe and paid the ultimate price.
      A reason to fight (20 points): Defeated Spectra's right-hand man.
      There's no I in team (20 points): Defeated Volt and Lync at the same time.
      Friendship (20 points): Defeated Mylene and Shadow at the same time.
      Into the lion's den (20 points): Found a way into Vexos Headquarters.
      Reunited (30 points): Rescued your friend at any cost.
      Defender of the core (50 points): Defeated Spectra and stopped his evil plans.

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