Bubble Bobble Neo


  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Food Master (20 points): Collect all foods.
      Jewel Master (20 points): Collect all jewels.
      Happy Ending (25 points): Clear Classic Mode with the Happy Ending.
      Super Happy Ending (25 points): Clear Arrange Mode with the Happy Ending.
      Bubble Bonanza (15 points): Defeat 5 or more trapped enemies in one go.
      Bonus Bonanza (15 points): Grab all the bonus food in the Bonus Round.
      Skilled Explorer 1 (10 points): Find all 3 secret rooms in Classic Mode.
      Skilled Explorer 2 (15 points): Find all 7 secret rooms in Arrange Mode.
      Incredible Appetite (15 points): Eat up a total 20 big food items.
      Speed King (10 points): Clear the first 10 rounds of Classic Mode in under 3 minutes.
      Bubble Bobble Master (15 points): Clear Classic or Arrange Mode in Super difficulty.
      Sunny Side Up (15 points): Defeat 5 enemies on top of a frying pan with Fire Bubbles.

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