BurgerTime: World Tour


  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      American Cheese (10 points): Complete all USA BurgerTime World Tour levels.
      Luchador Lunch (10 points): Complete all Mexico BurgerTime World Tour levels.
      French Fries (10 points): Complete all France BurgerTime World Tour levels.
      Banzai Burger (10 points): Complete all Japan BurgerTime World Tour levels.
      Hardcore (20 points): Complete each level without dying.
      It's Burger Time! (10 points): Complete all BurgerTime World Tour levels.
      Spatula Man (10 points): Hit 100 enemies with The Spatula.
      Master Chef (20 points): Win an Online Multiplayer game.
      Dirty Burger (20 points): Crush 2 other players in Multiplayer with a single ingredient.
      Burger Please (20 points): Collect All Burger Letters in a Level.
      I Am A Grill Champion (20 points): Get a 3+ Star Ranking on all levels.
      I Am A Burger God (40 points): Get a 5 Star Ranking on all maps.

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