Chaos;Head Noah



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    CG Complete (100 points): CG Complete.
    Chapter 1 - Eyes in Eyes (5 points): Clear the first chapter.
    Chapter 2 - Click Me (10 points): Clear the second chapter.
    Chapter 3 - General (10 points): Clear the third chapter.
    Chapter 4 - Di-Sword (10 points): Clear the fourth chapter.
    Chapter 5 - Paranoia (10 points): Clear the fifth chapter.
    Chapter 6 - Noah (10 points): Clear the sixth chapter.
    Chapter 7 - Psychopath (10 points): Clear the seventh chapter.
    Chapter 8 - LR2 (10 points): Clear the eighth chapter.
    Chapter 9 - Giga-Lo-Maniac (10 points): Clear the ninth chapter.
    Ending Complete (100 points): Get all the endings.
    Prologue (5 points): The prologue was cleared.
    Blue Sky (60 points): Unlock the last ending.
    Crying Sky (60 points): Unlock ending B.
    Daydream (50 points): Unlock the ending of seven seas.
    Deus Ex Machina (50 points): Unlock the ending of Sena.
    Silent Sky (10 points): Unlock ending A.
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