• Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Fairy Godmother (50 points): You've done a great thing and made the world a better place. Here's a little gift!
      Explorer (5 points): Play all the levels in both Time Mode and Free Mode.
      Composer (5 points): Completely fill the grid in Free Mode.
      The Juggler (5 points): Have 3 active quads onscreen at once.
      Quick Off the Blocks (10 points): Create a quad before the beatline has made its first pass of the level.
      The Beast (10 points): Create a quad containing 80 cells or more.
      Big Bucks (15 points): Score a total of 50 million points.
      The Musician (15 points): Find 6 different quad sounds on a level. Quads can be square, wide or tall, and either small or big.
      Fast Mover (15 points): Create 7 quads on the grid in one pass of the beatline.
      Juggle Master (15 points): Build up a score multiplier of 25 or more.
      The Snake (20 points): Create a single quad that covers the entire width of the grid on every level.
      Ultimate Champion (35 points): Get 100% coverage or more on every level in 3 minute mode.

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