Easy "Bored" achievement

Remain idle on a level to eventually get the "Bored" achievement.

Easy "Magnet Caster" achievement

Pick up a box, then drop it. Repeat this process 25 times to get the "Magnet Caster" achievement.

Easy "Stuck" achievement

In World 1: Level 10, move left over the corner of the black box with a glowing outline. Then, pick up a box to drop and become stuck to get the "Stuck" achievement.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Bored: Let Seamus get bored.
    Bubble Head logo: Find our logo.
    Cubes Holder: Hold 8 cubes at the same time.
    Evil Scientist: Find the evil scientist portrait.
    Flying Cubes: Let the cubes fly!.
    Get All Achievements: Obtain all the Achievements in-game.
    Get Stuck In Level: Stuck in level for 5 minutes.
    Low health: Get to 10 hp without dying !.
    Magnet Caster: Cast magnet 25 times in one level.
    New Weapon: Obtain a New Weapon.
    No Holding 2: Win level 4, in world 1, without holding any object.
    No Holding: Win level without holding object.
    No Magnet: Win level without casting magnet.
    Objects magnetiser: Change 6 cubes into magnetic cube.
    Objects Merger: Merge 11 objects.
    Only 1 portal allowed again: Beat level 11, In world 3, By casting only 1 portal.
    Only 1 portal allowed: Beat level 3, In world 2, by casting only 1 portal.
    Stuck: Get stuck on a level.
    Support the Devs.: Launched Cubicity for the first time.
    Unofficial Win: Beat level 2, In world 4 unofficially (w).
    Visit Egypt: Get to Egypt.
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