Deca Sports Freedom


  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Won Local League (20 points): Win the Local League!
      Won National League (40 points): Win the National League!
      Won Global League (60 points): Win the Global League!
      Won Ultimate League (100 points): Win the Ultimate League!
      Won Local Cup (10 points): Win the Local Cup!
      Won National Cup (20 points): Win the National Cup!
      Won Global Cup (30 points): Win the Global Cup!
      Won Ultimate Cup (50 points): Win the Ultimate Cup!
      Sportsmanship (10 points): Play to the end even without coming in first in the league!
      10 wins! (20 points): Let's win 10 VS Matches while in Single-Player mode!
      Warm-up Master (10 points): View all the tutorials!
      Perfect Preparation (10 points): Read all the rules!
      Team Owner (10 points): Create your own custom team!
      Friendly Player (10 points): Compete in a Player match!
      Serious Competitor (10 points): Compete in a Ranked match!
      Competition Host (20 points): Recruit an opponent in Host Match!
      Developer Fan (10 points): Watch all of the credits!
      Star Athlete! (10 points): Play using your own avatar!
      Court Battle (10 points): Play all sets in deuce status in a three-set tennis match!
      Beach Battle (10 points): Play all sets in deuce status in a three-set, 21-point beach volleyball match!
      Straight Flush (10 points): Win all points from 1 to 10 in an archery match!
      Deadly Strike (10 points): Win a kendo match with a single strike!
      Record Descent (10 points): Ski down the run within 26 seconds in mogul skiing!
      Safety First (10 points): Do not fall even once in figure skating!
      Stadium Duel (10 points): Win after a dodge ball match is down to one player on each team!
      Lightning Descent (10 points): Cross the finish line without ever slowing down in snowboard cross!
      Survivor (10 points): Survive a paintball match without ever getting hit!
      Punch Monster (10 points): Deliver 100 punches in a single match!
      Tennis Master (30 points): Play a perfect game in Single-Player Tennis!
      Beach Volleyball Master (30 points): Play a perfect game in Single-Player Beach Volleyball!
      Archery Master (30 points): Hit all the gold targets in Single-Player Archery.
      Kendo Master (30 points): Play a perfect match in Single-Player Kendo by never getting hit by your opponent!
      Mogul Skiing Master (30 points): Perform EXCELLENT jumps twice for a total score of over 190 in Single-Player Mogul Skiing!
      Figure Skating Master (30 points): Get a GOOD or better rating in any program and score over 180 in Single-Player Figure Skating!
      Dodge Ball Master (30 points): Play a perfect game in Single-Player Dodge Ball!
      Snowboard Cross Master (30 points): Cross the Advanced course's finish line in 2'20" or less in Single-Player Snowboard Cross!
      Paintball Master (30 points): Beat your opponent by 20 points or more in Single-Player Paintball (Elimination rules)!
      Boxing Master (30 points): Knock out your opponent in 3 rounds or less in Single-Player Boxing!
      Decathlete (50 points): Play all 10 sports by yourself using Kinect!
      Decathlete Team (100 points): Play all 10 sports with another player using Kinect!

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