Def Jam: Rapstar


  • Bonus songs

    Get at least a "Four Star" rank on the indicated song in the listed Campaign mode stage to unlock it:

      Stage 1: "Fight the Power" by Public Enemy
      Stage 2: "Big Poppa" by The Notorious B.I.G.
      Stage 3: "Lean Back" by Fat Joe
      Stage 4: "It Takes Two" by Rob Base
      Stage 5: "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See" by Busta Rhymes

  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Mic Check One Two, One Two (5 points): Use an audio effect on any song in any game mode.
      It's Like Showbiz (5 points): Save a video with a visual effect.
      Get the Party Started Right (5 points): Launch a playlist in Party mode.
      World Premiere (20 points): Upload a video to the Community.
      You Be the Judge (10 points): Rate a video on the Community.
      Cultivating Music (5 points): Unlock a song for the first time.
      Scorch The Booth (10 points): Save your first Freestyle performance.
      Fresh Out The Box (10 points): Complete your first Challenge in Career mode.
      Flawless Flow (10 points): Earn 5 microphones on any song in Career mode.
      Seal the Deal (40 points): Earn the DEF JAM RAPSTAR Seal on a song.
      Worth Some Millions (40 points): Accumulate 10,000,000 total points across all game modes.
      It Takes Two (20 points): Perform 30 Battle or Duet performances in Party mode.
      Microphone Fiend! (70 points): Accumulate 305 microphones in Career mode.
      Well Connected (10 points): Watch 50 videos on the Community.
      Hype'd Up (10 points): Save 15 recordings to My Videos.
      Lyrical Player Pro (10 points): Save 5 Freestyle videos.
      Go The Distance (10 points): Finish a playlist containing 10 or more songs.
      Livin' Your Life (20 points): Play 300 performances across all game modes.
      Ain't Scared to Share It (20 points): Upload 10 videos to the Community.
      Unstoppable (50 points): Get at least "On Point" on 50 performances on HARD difficulty.
      Newcomer (10 points): Complete Stage 1.
      Opener (20 points): Complete Stage 2.
      Headliner (30 points): Complete Stage 3.
      Star (40 points): Complete Stage 4.
      RAPSTAR (40 points): Complete Stage 5.
      Fly High, No Lie (20 points): Complete all High Score challenges.
      Always On Time (20 points): Complete all Timing Challenges.
      It Ain't Trickin' If You Got It (20 points): Complete all Multiplier Challenges.
      Too Hot for T.V. (20 points): Complete all Platinum Power Challenges.
      Steady Chasin' (20 points): Complete all Endurance Challenges.
      On The Road To Riches (40 points): Complete all Career Mode Challenges.
      Perfection is Perfected (30 points): Get 90% or above on pitch, timing, and lyrics while playing any song on HARD difficulty.
      Immaculately Polished (20 points): Upload an "Off The Chain" performance to the Community.
      We Are The Best (20 points): Complete a Duet earning an "Off The Chain" rating with both players on HARD difficulty.
      All Eyez On Me (10 points): Get at least "On Point" on a Solo on EXPERT difficulty with the original vocals turned off.
      Stuntin' is a Habit (10 points): Get a combined 2,000 views for all your uploaded videos.
      Presence of Greatness (10 points): Get an average rating of 4 stars on any video with over 200 ratings.
      Playa President (15 points): Perform a Duet where you score 50,000 points more than your friend .
      Towering Over The Competition (20 points): Perform a Battle where you score 50,000 points more than your opponent.
      Close Call (5 points): Win a Battle by less than 1,000 points.
      Chain Reaction (20 points): Get "Off The Chain" rating on all songs in a playlist containing 5 or more songs.
      The Voice Of A Generation (10 points): Get "Off The Chain" on the Solo version of Gold Digger .
      Rhymes Are On Time (10 points): Perform a Battle where both players hit 25 rap targets in a row, at the same time.
      No Competition (10 points): Win all songs in a Battle playlist containing 5 or more songs.
      I Keep Blowin' Up (20 points): Activate Platinum Power 4 times in one song.
      Ain't Nobody Dope as Me (40 points): Get a "DOPE" lyric rating on every phrase in a song.
      I Make This Look 'Eezy (10 points): Get at least "On Point" on one song from Lil Wayne and one from Kanye West.
      Throwback Flow (10 points): Get at least "On Point" on 5 different songs released before 1990.
      Rep Your City (20 points): Get at least "On Point" on 5 different songs that mention a city by name.
      Off The Chain (50 points): Unlock all locked content in Career mode.

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