Happy Feet Two: The Videogame


  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (10 points): Win your first Race.
      ABC (10 points): Complete a level.
      Blaze Of Glory (10 points): Collect 100 Black Music Notes.
      Close To You (10 points): Assemble a group of 3 penguins.
      Beat It (10 points): Stay on the beat for 20 beats.
      Rhinestone Cowboy (10 points): Collect the most notes in a Bonus Level in co-op.
      You've Got A Friend (10 points): Switch control between characters.
      Wind Beneath My Wings (10 points): Fill the boost bar in a Race.
      Wannabe (10 points): Complete three stunt hoops in a single Race.
      The Way We Were (10 points): Revisit a previously played level.
      Jump (10 points): Jump off three stunt ramps in a Race.
      Let's Go Crazy (10 points): Perfectly perform a Dance Combo and a Stomp Combo in quick succession.
      Sledgehammer (10 points): Smash five Stone Columns.
      I Feel The Earth Move (10 points): Smash three Ice Boulders at the same time.
      You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (10 points): Convert 3 Penguins at the same time.
      Step By Step (10 points): Beat a Boss without making a mistake in co-op.
      Blinded By The Light (10 points): Collect a Disco Fish.
      Drop It Like It's Hot (10 points): Destroy 10 objects during Disco Fish mode.
      Ice Ice Baby (10 points): Move five Ice Slide Blocks.
      Shake Ya Tailfeather (10 points): Wake up five Sleepy Penguins.
      Out Of Touch (20 points): Complete Level 28 without getting hurt.
      Nothin's Gonna Stop Us Now (20 points): Complete a Race without hitting anything.
      Never Gonna Give You Up (20 points): Win every Race.
      Joy Ride (20 points): Activate 20 moving platforms.
      You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet (20 points): Complete Emperor Land.
      Ebony & Ivory (20 points): Complete Adelie Land.
      I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing (20 points): Complete Elephant Seal Land.
      Don't Go Breaking My Heart (20 points): Complete a level with full health.
      Convoy (20 points): Assemble a group of 5 penguins.
      Physical (20 points): Scare 20 Skua Birds.
      Celebration (20 points): Collect 200 black notes in one level.
      Good Vibrations (20 points): Activate all the Vibes in one Level.
      Don't Worry, Be Happy (20 points): Clap 108 times.
      Rock With You (20 points): Complete five levels with every penguin in the level.
      Bridge Over Troubled Water (20 points): Cross 50 Ice Rails.
      That's What Friends Are For (50 points): Complete the game.
      Take On Me (50 points): Complete an entire game in Co-Op.
      Heart Of Gold (50 points): Complete the last level of a Land with full health.
      We Built This City (50 points): Bring 200 friends to the Doomberg.
      Another One Bites The Dust (50 points): Beat a Boss without making a mistake.
      Gold Digger (50 points): Unlock all songs.
      Runaway (50 points): Level up all songs.
      Satisfaction (50 points): Collect 2,000 Black Notes.
      Eye Of The Tiger (50 points): Defeat every Boss without making a mistake.
      Rapture (50 points): Hit every stunt hoop in a Race.

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