Harms Way


  • Harms Way Turret Gamerpic

    Win a game in Single Player mode to unlock the Harms Way Turret Gamerpic.

  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Turret Downgrade (10 points): Activate a turret downgrade powerup.
      Turret takeover (30 points): Shoot and takeover an enemy turret.
      Affiliation (10 points): Join a multiplayer game for the first time.
      Justin Carpenter Achievement (10 points): Just look at credits.
      First Blood (20 points): Wreck an opponent as a shooter.
      Entertainer (10 points): Host a multiplayer game for the first time.
      Missile-Fest (10 points): Get the missile launcher for the first time.
      Mine-Fest (10 points): Deploy mines for the first time.
      Flat Tire (20 points): Hit the tires of a driver.
      Get Wrecked (10 points): Wreck your vehicle.
      First Win (30 points): Win a game in Single Player.
      One shot kill (30 points): Hit the windshield of a driver.

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