Hole In The Wall


  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Halfway (15 points): Beat 5 Final Rounds.
      Super dry (30 points): Beat 10 Final Rounds.
      Champion (10 points): Beat 1 Final Round.
      Perfectionist (10 points): Finish a Final Round with no strikes.
      Teamwork (10 points): Win 1 show with a teammate.
      All in the whole (10 points): Play a 4-player game.
      Contortionist (40 points): Successfully pass all walls in the game at least once.
      Want a rubber ring? (15 points): Win 10 shows against a human team.
      I will survive (10 points): Get ranked in online Leaderboards with a Quick Survival score.
      Give me five (5 points): Pass 5 walls in Quick Survival mode.
      Shining collection (15 points): Obtain all other achievements.
      Working team (30 points): Win every show with a teammate.

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