Le Tour De France 2012


  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Son of the cannibal (150 points): Win the Yellow, Green and Polka-dot jerseys on the same edition with the same rider.
      Tour legend (70 points): Win all stages (Tour or One-Off) with the same or different riders.
      Experienced player (70 points): Win the Tour de France with a Difficult or Expert team.
      Dream team (70 points): Win the Tour de France and have a team-mate on the podium.
      From start to finish (70 points): Win the first stage and keep the yellow jersey with same rider throughout all stages of the TDF.
      Monsieur Tour de France (30 points): Win at least 5 stages on the same Tour with the same rider (Tour mode only).
      From nowhere (30 points): Win a stage with a rider who has no medals (Tour or One-Off).
      Three in a row (30 points): Win 3 consecutive stages with the same rider (Tour mode).
      I live in the mountains (15 points): Be the first across all Hors Category climbs during the same Tour de France.
      The baby winner (15 points): Win the white jersey (tour mode only).
      King Midas (15 points): Accumulate more than 500,000 EUR during a Tour de France.
      King of the sprints (15 points): Win the green jersey.
      King of the mountains (15 points): Win the polka-dot jersey.
      Welcome to the club (15 points): Win a Tour de France.
      First and last (15 points): Win the first and last stages of the Tour de France in Tour mode.
      Podium in paris (15 points): Finish the Tour de France in the top 3 (Tour only).
      All-rounder (15 points): Win a stage of each type (Tour or One-off) with any rider of the same team.
      Support the pressure (15 points): Wear the yellow jersey for 7 stages with an Expert level team during the same Tour de France.
      Back-to-back (15 points): Win 2 consecutive stages with the same rider.
      Champs Elysees (15 points): Complete a Tour de France.
      Like father like son (15 points): Win a stage with a 30+ rider and with a -25 rider during the same Tour de France.
      Master of the alliances (15 points): Create 1 alliances in mode Tour de France.
      Demolition man (15 points): Win a stage with more than 2 minutes advance on the 2nd rider.
      Fast & furious (15 points): Win a flat stage with a gold medal sprinter.
      The king of small hills (15 points): Wear the KOM jersey from the end of the 2nd stage until the 1st mountain stage (Stage 11: Mâcon).
      Faster than you think (15 points): Wear the green jersey for at least 1 stage with a silver or bronze sprinter.
      Solo taste better (15 points): Win a stage with a solo breakaway (at least the last km).
      Enjoy the victory (15 points): Use a celebration combo when you win a stage.
      Raise your arms (15 points): Your first victory.
      The harder is still to come (15 points): Reach the second rest day (stage 17: Pau).
      Finally some rest (15 points): Reach the first rest day (stage 10: Mâcon).
      Moto GP (15 points): Ride faster than 90 km/h.
      125cc (15 points): Ride faster than 70 km/h in a flat section.
      Rider combativeness prize (15 points): Be on the first breakaway (E1) for at least 500km during the same Tour de France.
      I slipped boss! (15 points): Fall off the bike while wearing the yellow jersey.
      Attack!!!!! (15 points): Launch an attack from the peloton to gain a few metres lead.
      Be my guest (15 points): Win a quick match in multiplayer mode.
      Never alone (15 points): Use all Team Comm menu options, including those only available on mode Full race.
      TV time for my sponsor (15 points): Maintain a solo breakaway for, at least, 20 kms.
      Training complete (15 points): Complete the full tutorial.

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