Nike+ Kinect Training



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Extra Round (15 points): Choose to do another round during a Strength or Weight Training session.
    Jump In (15 points): Complete a Quick Start training session.
    Personalized Just for You (10 points): Complete the assessment.
    On Your Way (10 points): Complete your first workout session.
    Break a Sweat (20 points): Earn 500 NikeFuel in a single session.
    Dial It In (10 points): Get your first Fuel Print.
    Metronome (15 points): Stay on tempo for the entire duration of a Strength or Weight Training drill.
    Six Pack (30 points): Complete 6 Quick Start training sessions.
    Five Days of Fitness (25 points): Complete a session 5 days in a row.
    Perfection (25 points): Get perfect form on every rep of a drill.
    The Numbers Don't Lie (25 points): Improve your Fuel Print.
    Break a Dozen (40 points): Complete 12 Quick Start training sessions.
    Perfect Attendance (25 points): Complete a program without missing a scheduled session.
    Power Train (30 points): Complete a 60 minute Quick Start session.
    1 Month Club (30 points): Complete your first program.
    3 Month Club (50 points): Complete three programs.
    2 Month Club (40 points): Complete two programs.
    Join the Community (10 points): Link or create a Nike+ account.
    2.5K NikeFuel (15 points): Earn 2500 NikeFuel in Nike+ Kinect Training.
    5K NikeFuel (25 points): Earn 5000 NikeFuel in Nike+ Kinect Training.
    10K NikeFuel (30 points): Earn 10000 NikeFuel in Nike+ Kinect Training.
    Look Before You Leap (15 points): Clear 2 hurdles with one jump during a Hurdles Matrix drill or Hardcore Hurdles challenge.
    Strike a Pose (15 points): Dodge 2 consecutive walls in Split Decision without moving.
    In the Zone (15 points): Finish a Split Decision or Dodgeball drill or challenge without getting hit.
    Just for Kicks (15 points): Hit 4 soccer balls in Dodgeball.
    Say What? (10 points): Rewatch the tutorial for a drill.
    Push It (20 points): Do 10 or more perfect reps in a Push Up Power challenge.
    A New Challenger Appears (15 points): Opt in for a challenge at the end of a program Strength or Weight Training session.
    High Stepper (20 points): Do 120 or more reps in a High Knee Sprint challenge.
    Artful Dodger (25 points): Survive for 20 seconds in sudden death in a Dodgeball challenge.
    Hide in Plain Sight (25 points): Survive for 20 seconds in sudden death in a Split Decision challenge.
    Massive Hops (25 points): Survive for 20 seconds in sudden death in a Hardcore Hurdles challenge.
    Leg It Out (25 points): Score 300 or more in a Leg Matrix challenge.
    U Mad? (25 points): Beat a friend's challenge score.
    Cheer Leader (20 points): Cheer a friend.
    Serve Notice (20 points): Invite a friend to beat your challenge score.
    Show and Tell (20 points): Post to Facebook to let friends know you're starting a workout or challenge.
    Beat Your Best (20 points): Beat a Personal Best in any drill or challenge (excluding Fitness Challenge).
    Decathlete (25 points): Participate in 10 challenge drills.
    Burger Burn (20 points): Burned 3000 calories.
    Pizza Party (30 points): Burned 9000 calories.
    Workout Warrior (30 points): Choose to do an extra round during 5 Strength or Weight Training sessions.
    Check My Stats (10 points): Participate in a challenge.
    Drill Sergeant (30 points): Participate in 5 drills in Take on the World.
    Workout Buddies (30 points): Complete 5 Workouts with a Friend.
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