Of Orcs And Men

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  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Back to business (5 points): You support the local weapon trade. That's... well, nice of you.
      King of the arena (10 points): You fought like a lion and ended up victorious in the Row.
      Nobody's perfect (15 points): The Imperial officer in the Monastery seemed to be of good faith. Just to be safe, you offed him.
      Warrior (50 points): You have valiantly dealt with all the trials in Of Orcs and Men
      I'm a killer (30 points): You slit 47 throats and they never saw it coming. So you dig?
      You crack me up (30 points): You have a delicate tendency to break the bones of people who get in your way, so congratulations.
      Big chest lover (75 points): So you went digging around in every corner to find at least twenty chests to empty, huh?
      Jack of all blades (30 points): You hit eight enemies with a single blow. Huh, not bad.
      Guidance counselor (15 points): You were able to find the best people for your squad for the assault on the Pillar.
      Smart and smarter (5 points): You chose to improve one of your Skills before you learned another one. Kudos for that.
      Poisoner (10 points): You don't like wasting perfectly good poison, so you cleaned your blade off on 3 different enemies.
      Go bling-bling (15 points): You only wear upgraded equipment. It's a matter of reputation.
      I know a shortcut (5 points): The good thing with shortcuts is that they are faster. It would seem you got that right.
      Deratizator (15 points): You cut short the Goblin invasion in the shantytown. Pretty violently.
      A hair too late (15 points): You pulled your girlfriend Brune out of trouble. She owes you a massage for that.
      Well trained (15 points): You got even with the Trainer. And he got dead.
      One less nutcase (15 points): You avenged your friend and killed the mad Shaman. He'll guide the dead himself.
      Hand shake (15 points): You showed those Black Hands who's the boss.
      Off the Wall (50 points): You finally got past that damn Wall ! Well done !
      Class struggle (15 points): You avoided a miners' revolt. Thanks to you, they will be able to die for a nobler cause.
      Throat-slitter (15 points): You sent Styx to introduce his daggers to the sentinels of the Mire. He thanks you.
      I don't like chit-chat (5 points): You didn't feel like letting Gorkash bore you with his bull, so you cut him off.
      No quarter (15 points): You have imposed your authority by taking out all opposing Orcs. An age-old method that still works.
      Samaritan (15 points): In a spirit of forgiveness as heroic as it was delusional, you decided to spare Dakath the traitor.
      All this for that (15 points): You had to put up with a pile of enraged Goblins, but you got your flask of water!
      The beast and the beast (5 points): Garok is now your friend for life. Now that's a sign of upcoming great conversations!
      You mythed! (5 points): You showed that big-mouth Braggart that when he blows his own horn he's talking to the wrong guy!
      Team spirit (15 points): You made sure to put together a special team to assault the Pillar from the Mire.
      In open air (50 points): You managed to escape the Mire. With the chick, too.
      Slicer-Dicer (10 points): You decided to forget your past to devote yourself to a career as an Assassin. Enjoy.
      Into the shadow (10 points): You decided that black magic isn't so bad, especially when you're the only one who knows it.
      Inner rage (10 points): You turned Arkail into a berserk monster. More than before, that is. And it went well. For some.
      Anger management (10 points): You helped Arkail control his rage. Those of his friends and family who are still alive thank you.
      I've got my friends in my head (50 points): You've gone through nightmares, but now you're finally setting off for the Island of Laments.
      Regicide the first (10 points): You've killed Emperor Damocles. Which is nice to hear, ‘cause that was the idea in the first place.
      Your sister too (50 points): You have taken on the most formidable warriors in the Empire. Apart from you, of course.
      Repeat offender (50 points): You killed the Emperor again, and set fire to the Tower. Maybe you should stop now.
      Rakash (20 points): You have smoothly dealt with all the trials in Of Orcs and Men
      Mercenary (30 points): You have bravely dealt with all the trials in Of Orcs and Men
      Bloodjaw (100 points): You dealt with all the trials in Of Orcs and Men like a berserker.
      The hard way (5 points): You handled your first quarrel like... an Orc. Well, you sure got into your character!
      Talk it out (5 points): You allowed Styx to calm things down before Arkail went berserk. Literally.
      Manual worker (5 points): Nice move, you sliced up a boss without a single auto attack!
      To each his branch (10 points): As a good specialist, you've decided to learn every skill in a single tree.
      My house! (50 points): As a good master, you've decided to learn and perfect each Skill in a single tree.

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