Painkiller: Hell And Damnation


  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Evil's Endurance (10 points): Finished Cemetery level (Solo Campaign).
      Evil's Haste (10 points): Smashed all objects at Tutorial level (Solo Campaign).
      Evil's Time (10 points): Gibbed 123 enemies at Oriental Castle (Solo Campaign).
      Evil's Speed (10 points): Collected 330 pieces of gold from fallen enemies at Cathedral (Solo Campaign).
      Evil's Fury (10 points): Killed 3 monsters in a row using saw blade at Loonypark (Solo Campaign).
      Evil's Double Haste (10 points): Collected 100 souls of dead singers at Opera (Solo Campaign).
      Evil's Dexterity (10 points): Killed Swamp Thing in under 4:00 (Solo Campaign).
      Evil's Will (10 points): Gibbed 50 frozen enemies at Orphanage (Solo Campaign).
      Evil's Rage (10 points): Collected all Holy Items at Shadowland (Solo Campaign).
      Evil's Double Time (10 points): Collected all ammo boxes from Collosseum (Solo Campaign).
      Evil's Triple Haste (10 points): Killed Alastor in under 5:00 (Solo Campaign).
      Angel's Soul (5 points): Finished Atrium Complex level in under 7:00 (Solo Campaign).
      Angel's Blessing (5 points): Killed Necrogiant in under 2:00 (Solo Campaign).
      Angel's Replenish (5 points): Morphed into demon 3 times at Collosseum (Solo Campaign).
      Angel's Dark (5 points): Found all secret areas at Opera (Solo Campaign).
      Angel's Catcher (5 points): Cut 100 limbs at Trainstation using Soul Catcher (Solo Campaign).
      Angel's Greed (5 points): Killed all monsters at Orphanage (Solo Campaign).
      Angel's Vitality (5 points): Collected 500 pieces of gold on Cathedral (Solo Campaign).
      Angel's Intervention (5 points): Possessed 25 enemies using Soul Catcher at Loonypark (Solo Campaign).
      Angel's Last Breath (5 points): Found all secret areas at City on Water (Solo Campaign).
      Angel's Redeemer (5 points): Collected all Holy Items at Oriental Castle (Solo Campaign).
      Angel's Mercy (5 points): Defeated the Death himself (Solo Campaign).
      Devil's Name (10 points): Killed 666 enemies with Soul Catcher.
      Reversed Devil (20 points): Killed 999 enemies with Shotgun.
      Greedy Farmer (10 points): Solo Campaign: Collected 2012 pieces of gold from fallen enemies.
      Discoverer (20 points): Solo Campaign: Found 25 secret areas.
      Grave Raider (15 points): Solo Campaign: Finished 1st chapter.
      Skyscraper (25 points): Solo Campaign: Finished 2nd chapter.
      Evil's Kids (35 points): Solo Campaign: Finished 3rd chapter.
      Above the Beast (15 points): Collected 667 souls of dismembered enemies.
      Statistical Effect (45 points): Made 50000 shots.
      True friendship (50 points): Played 10 different levels in cooperative mode.
      Warehouse (25 points): Collected 500 ammo crates.
      Barrel destroyer (20 points): Destroyed 300 barrels.
      Cyclone (10 points): Killed 333 enemies with explosive weapons.
      Five Points Gangsta (10 points): Killed 5 enemies with one rocket.
      Rabbit's Son (25 points): Spent 666 seconds jumping like a rabbit.
      Chopper of the Year (20 points): Using rockets, made 500 enemies rest in pieces.
      Nightmare is Over (100 points): Played whole game on Nightmare difficulty.
      Trauma's End (200 points): Played whole game on Trauma difficulty.
      Cloth Collector (20 points): Collected 40 armors.
      High Stakes (15 points): Finished level using stakes only with 100% accuracy.
      Extinction (50 points): Impaled 6666 enemies using stakes.
      Disaster (25 points): Killed 500 enemies not wasting ammo on them.
      Trickster (25 points): Killed 123 enemies with special attacks.
      Sport League (10 points): Captured 3 flags playing as Eve in one game.
      Exterminator (25 points): Killed 1000 enemies in Survival mode.
      Hard-boiled (10 points): Got 30 kills in 3 minutes playing in Deathmatch mode.

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