Reckless Racing


  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Winner! (5 points): Win a race.
      Proud car owner! (5 points): Buy a new car in the garage.
      Picasso! (5 points): Paint a car in the garage.
      Cup winner (5 points): Win a cup in Career.
      Arcade Warrior (10 points): Finish 50 different challenges in Arcade.
      All Our Cars Are Belong To You! (10 points): Purchase at least 23 cars.
      Master of the Arcade (15 points): Win all 50 Arcade challenges.
      Master Mechanic (10 points): Upgrade a car to its maximum level.
      Lay the smack down (10 points): Win 5 multiplayer challenges.
      Becoming Hardcore... (10 points): Win a race in Career at max difficulty.
      Close to Hardcore (10 points): Win a cup at max difficulty.
      Hardcore! (20 points): Win all of the Reckless Racing Ultimate Cups on max difficulty.
      To the End and Back (10 points): Finish all of the Reckless Racing Ultimate Cups.
      World Champion (15 points): Win all of the Reckless Racing Ultimate Cups.
      Done. (15 points): Finish 150 different events in Single Event.
      Millionaire (15 points): Earn over 1 million credits.
      Conehead (5 points): Knock over 20 cones or more in one lap.
      Ugly Duckling (10 points): Win a race with the Tector V2-R in Hot Sand at max difficulty.

    Additionally, there are two secret achievements:

      Secret achievement (10 points): Unknown.
      Secret achievement (5 points): Unknown.

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