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Dev: The Sims Studio 1.0 - 1.9 = Avoid 4.0 - 4.4 = Great
Pub: Electronic Arts 2.0 - 2.4 = Poor 4.5 - 4.9 = Must Buy
Release: Sept. 28, 2010 2.5 - 2.9 = Average 5.0 = The Best
Players: 1-4 3.0 - 3.4 = Fair
ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ 3.5 - 3.9 = Good

There is one other problem with SkyHeroes I feel compelled to mention, but be forewarned, this criticism applies only to inexperienced/younger players. The AI is ridiculously difficult to work with in dogfighting mode. When you are participating in dogfighting matches, the game will give you AI teammates that are supposed to help you win against the level's baddies. However, these buddies quickly become enemies themselves, as they will frequently steal kills and rack up more points than you, which makes it harder to get the points/ranking to move on to the next phase of the game. While this challenge may be welcome for seasoned gamers, I'm not sure if MySims' targeted demographic will appreciate this added challenge.

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However, there is a bright spot for MySims SkyHeroes: there are some fun multiplayer options. In keeping with the kart-racer template, MySims SkyHeroes features a fairly robust local multiplayer mode which allows you to either team up with or against friends in the game's dogfighting and racing modes. The quickplay multiplayer modes are also completely unlocked from the beginning of the game, so you don't have to worry about unlocking your favorite "bonus" character (both Isaac Clarke from Dead Space and Commander Shepherd have to be unlocked for use in story mode) and you can pretty much go through all of the content in the story mode without having to spend more time on any one of the game's modes than you want to. If you want to take the action online, you'll have fewer options, but the experience is well-transferred here as well. Though I was only able to find a single competitive dogfighting after thirty minutes of matchmaking, I'm chalking that issue up to the fact that MySims SkyHeroes is a new game and may not have a high install base right off the bat (we are talking about a game geared towards children here).

Technically, MySims SkyHeroes is proficient enough, and features the same cutesy visuals that fans of the series have come to know and love. However, the level design isn't exactly the best, and while there is plenty of space to fly around in, the landscape isn't exactly the most interesting. Repetitive elements and empty spaces make this game's world feel monotonous, and it was easy to become disoriented because there aren't that many landmarks you can use to identify different areas of each stage.


MySims SkyHeroes has an interesting premise, and I really wish it had been a little bit more realized. With so few modes, and some strange choices regarding level design and AI difficulty, MySims SkyHeroes feels mediocre at best, which is a shame considering the franchise has had some quality releases before. MySims SkyHeroes has a few memorable moments, and even though the multiplayer aspects are fun, the single player really tanks the experience, and makes this a hard title to recommend at full retail price.

By Amanda L. Kondolojy
CCC News Director

Cutesy MySims visuals get the job done, but the environments lack detail.
Flying controls are very simple and easy to pick up and play.
Music / Sound FX / Voice Acting
Music is basic and inoffensive. Voiceovers are all done in Simlish and are very cute (if nonsensical.)
Play Value
Despite having some decent multiplayer options, MySims SkyHeroes has a weak single player mode, and will be frustrating to younger players.
Overall Rating - Fair
Not an average. See Rating legend above for a final score breakdown.

Game Features:

  • Adventure Story – Become the hero who defeats Morcubus and saves the skies from tyranny.
  • Air Combat – Take on dangerous enemies in high speed air battles that range from dogfights to air raids to rescue missions.
  • Boss Battles – Defeat Morcubus & drones in epic boss battles.
  • Customization – Build & tune your aircraft to optimize it for battle.

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