Shadow Complex



  • Full map

    Reach level 20 to unlock the full map that reveals the location of all items, weapons, and other items.

  • Health boost

    Reach level 10.

  • Infinite foam ammunition

    Reach level 30.

  • Infinite grenade ammunition

    Reach level 40.

  • Infinite rocket ammunition

    Reach level 50.

  • Golden guns

    Collect all twelve gold bars to place a marker on the map to a secret room. The room contains the golden versions of all guns, which give double experience points.

  • Bonus Gamerpics

    Defeat the first Tarantula to unlock a Gamerpic. Get the facemask to get all the pieces of the XOS-7 Omega Armor to unlock another Gamerpic.

  • Easy health and ammunition

    Save the game at a checkpoint. Leave the room, pause the game, and select the "Load Checkpoint" option. You will retain your current health and ammunition and restart at the checkpoint where you can re-collect the health and ammunition there. Repeat this as many times as desired.

  • Getting through barriers

    Use the indicated weapon to get through the corresponding barrier color:

      Blue: Friction Dampener
      Green: Grenades
      Orange: Fire Arms
      Purple: Foam
      Red: Missiles

  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Let's Get Punchy (15 points): Melee 5 soldiers.
      Bomba Punter (20 points): Punt 20 Bombas.
      My Head A-Splode (20 points): Get 50 head shots.
      Make 'Em Scream (20 points): Get 100 soldiers to scream.
      To Kill a Blackbird (15 points): Destroy the helicopter attacking the Vice President.
      Look Out! (5 points): Kill a soldier with a Bomba.
      Walkin' on Water (5 points): Make it from one end of lake to the other in hyper-Speed.
      Hero (50 points): Complete the game on any difficulty setting.
      Completionist (20 points): Complete the game with 100% of the items.
      Minimalist (10 points): Complete the game with less than 13% of the items.
      Proven Grounds (10 points): Complete the Proving Grounds.
      Serious Complex (10 points): Level-up to experience level 50.

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