Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack The Ripper


  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Curious (80 points): Find out how to observe things closely right from the start...
      Art lover (80 points): The true art lover will have no difficulty...
      Crime doesn't pay (80 points): Don't be the accomplice to a theft...
      Dogged (80 points): How does Jack feel when he handles the knife?
      The crime weapon (10 points): What weapon does Jack the Ripper use?
      Make-up artist (10 points): What does Jack the Ripper look like?
      Pinpointing the killer (10 points): In which district does Jack the Ripper live?
      Relentless logic (10 points): Elementary...
      The killer's identity (10 points): Who is Jack the Ripper?
      Complex case (150 points): The last word.

    Additionally, there are 30 secret achievements:

      Charitable soul (30 points): Treat the captain.
      Clever (10 points): Open the briefcase belonging to agent Humphries.
      Director (10 points): Reconstruct the hand movements of Polly Nichols's murderer.
      Rational (30 points): Fill in the deduction board.
      Methodical (10 points): Reconstruct Walter Sickert's cane.
      Patient (10 points): Reconstruct the torn up reports.
      Organised (10 points): Fill in the timescale of the murder of Polly Nichols.
      Model pupil (10 points): Open the jar containing the heart.
      Skilful (10 points): Use the magnet to retrieve the lock pick.
      Eagle eye (10 points): Retrieve the amulet from under the floor.
      Ingenious (30 points): Access the first floor of the Finley lodgings.
      Snake charmer (30 points): Obtain the tanner's mask.
      Handyman (10 points): Repair the gas leak.
      Logical mind (10 points): Find the encyclopaedia of perfume.
      Sensitive nose (10 points): Solve the puzzle of the perfume.
      Strategist (30 points): Enter the police station unseen.
      Lock picker (10 points): Pick the lock leading to the cells.
      Deciphering expert (10 points): Decipher the coded message.
      Technician (10 points): Reconnect the cables on the goods lift.
      Tenacious (30 points): Access the barricaded room on the first floor.
      Dexterous (10 points): Dismantle the combination lock.
      Cool (30 points): Bluff the crooks.
      Cheeky (10 points): Obtain the clues by phone.
      Historian (10 points): Open Tumblety's briefcase.
      Resourceful (30 points): Obtain access to the butcher's shop.
      Analytical mind (10 points): Fill in the timescale of the double murder.
      Shrewd (30 points): Find Sherlock some water.
      Journalist (10 points): Replace the correct labels on the compartments.
      Surgeon (10 points): Find the internal organ missing from the corpse.
      Snoop (10 points): Find the correct file at the Imperial Club.

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