The Sims 3: Pets


  • Creation mode

    Pause the game and press LT + LB + RT + RB. Note: Enabling this code will prevent achievements from being earned.

  • Easy aging

    In Builds & Buy mode, buy the Birthday Cake, then have your Sim blow it out to immediately increase your age.

  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Good Fluffy! (10 points): Praise or scold a pet enough times to add a trait.
      Personality: I Haz It (25 points): Train a pet to have 9 traits.
      Sit! Play Dead! (20 points): Earn more than 1,000 during a trick exhibition.
      Have You Seen This Pet? (20 points): Find your lost pet.
      It's Genetic (20 points): Breed a Natural-Born Hunter cat or Natural-Born Digger dog.
      Sims Best Friend (10 points): Become a BFF with a dog.
      Wingman, er... Dog (15 points): Fetch a date.
      Where'd You Get That!? (15 points): Fetch something worth at least 2,000 with a dog.
      Do Not Want! (35 points): Successfully bathe your cat.
      Smooth Criminal (15 points): Steal something worth at least 2,000 with a cat.
      Cat-A-Kinesis (10 points): Use a telekinetic cat to make a Sim fix a meal from the fridge.
      The Parent Challenge (30 points): Complete each of the parenting Challenges.
      I'd Rather Be Fishing (10 points): Complete each of the fishing Challenges.
      All You Need (50 points): Complete each of the love and romance Challenges.
      Cat-astrophe (35 points): Complete each of the Cat-astrophe scenario Challenges.
      K9 Cop (30 points): Complete each of the k9 cop scenario Challenges.
      Mass Hysteria (15 points): Have a dog and a cat become best friends.
      Is This.. Okay? (25 points): Make a Sim transmogrified from a cat and a Sim transmogrified from a dog become a couple.
      Family Feud (20 points): Activate the Cry Havoc karma power during a wedding party.
      Maid-out (20 points): Make out with the maid.
      Employee Benefits (15 points): Become a romantic interest of your boss.
      TMI (30 points): Have your Sim kiss their brother's/sister's best friend.
      Flirting with Disaster (20 points): Escape a karmic backlash by quickly balancing the meter after dropping below -50.
      Yoink! (15 points): With a pet, steal a Sim's clothes who is skinny dipping.
      Dogzilla vs. Cat-Kong (20 points): Destroy 10,000 worth of objects with a dog or cat.
      Leonardo Reborn (25 points): Complete each of the Leonardo Reborn Sub-Challenges.
      What Ghosts? (15 points): Catch every ghost spawned by the Ghost Invasion karma power before it ends.
      Bad Neighbor (10 points): Target your neighbor with the Ghostify Power, then catch them with a cat or Ghost Zapper.
      Indubitably! (20 points): Complete each of the mystery chapters.
      The Missing Link (10 points): Discover the lost pirate ship anchor.
      Zombie Bears, Oh My! (10 points): Avoid the zombie bears to find the pirate ship's log.
      Doggie Duties (10 points): Deal with the feline in the Dog Days of Summer mystery.
      Search and Rescue (10 points): Explore the Abandoned Mine in search of Timmy.
      A Punishable Offense (10 points): Punish the Sims for their crumb-filled, sub-standard furniture.
      Don't Talk About Socialite Club (10 points): Get the attention of the Socialite Club.
      Great Scott! (10 points): Create a flux combobulator.
      From the Ground Up (10 points): Build your house from the ground up by replacing your property with an empty lot.
      Mansion Builder (25 points): Build a house with 5 stories and an unfurnished value of at least 100,000.
      It's Good to be a Sim (50 points): Complete each of the Sim happiness Challenges.
      Curator's Best Friend (25 points): Complete each of the relic collection Challenges.
      Dancing Fiend (25 points): Complete each of the dancing Challenges.
      Exhibitionist (20 points): Complete each of the exhibitionist Challenges.
      Explorer (10 points): Complete each of the explorer Challenges.
      Don't Fear the Reaper (25 points): Scare the reaper.
      Leet Skillz (25 points): Complete any 10 Skill Journal Milestones.
      No Fate But What We Make (25 points): Send a simbot back in time.
      Overqualified (20 points): Go to work with 4 career performance requirements at Outstanding.
      Sunken Treasure (10 points): Find a special plant while fishing.
      You Da Boss (25 points): Reach level 10 of a career.
      Must Love Pets (35 points): Promise and complete a pet-related Lifetime Wish.

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